7 Top Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A couple of weeks back we got down and dirty with a garage sale of our very own. I think it was quite the success really with plenty of crap out of our lives and a wad of extra dosh in our pocket. So here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re venturing into the world of selling your shit…garage sale style.

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My Current Night-time Skincare Routine


Skincare can be a fickle character. One minute you’ve devised the perfect routine, nek minnit your skin has a freak out and turns as dry as the Sahara or a bunch of blemishes appear for no apparent reason. Many of us ladies spend our time quite like members of the Night’s Watch. We dedicate our lives to protecting our skin’s surface and fighting those pesky White Walkers AKA whiteheads.

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7 best things to do when you hire a car in Oahu


So the holiday has unfortunately come to an end and by golly it was a goodie! On the long haul flight home we indulged in the standard holiday debrief naming our highlights (where to begin!) and lowlights (crappy tourist trap luau, I’m looking at you). We both agreed that one of the trip stand outs had to be the 4 days we spent driving around the island. Hiring a car ain’t cheap but it sure is worth it, opening up a plethora of fun places to go and things to see. Here are the best things we did whilst road trippin’.

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My Top 5 Picks for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner



Cray at 2KW – now that’s romantic as hell.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so you better book a place like…. now. Dried up on ideas? Don’t worry, I got chu.

Here are my top 5 picks for Valentine ’s Day dinners. All of these are superb restaurants with delectable dinner offerings and a whiff of romance to boot.

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Daily grind ground you down? 10 tips for mastering the full-time work lifestyle

girl sleeping

I’m a relative new-comer to the full-time work scene and the adjustment period was rough. For the first few months full-time work kicked my ass X-Men Style, like it was Storm and I was that repulsive Toad guy.

Now that I have a bit of experience under the ol’ belt I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks for making the most of the work week without getting draaaaagged down by the lack of free time and hard work it entails. Here are some things I have found useful in keeping a good mind set and ensuring not to get devo over the daily grind.

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