5 Must Have Summer Accessories

It’s officially hot on this great brown land of ours and it’s time to make sure the wardrobe matches the forecast. Wrap dresses are indisputably in full swing, but what are the accessories we should be on the hunt for this summer season? Stick with me, my friends and I will take you to a little place I like to call ‘on trend’.  

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My summer time tea selection


When you think summer, you don’t necessarily think tea. I, however, am of the opinion that tea is an all year round kinda beverage, especially when you work 50 hours a week in an office that puts the air-con on the Haley-Joel-I-see-dead-people setting. I figure I mustn’t be the only one who loves to lap up a tea on a hot summer’s day, so here you have it –  my favourite summer teas.

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