La Popular Taqueria, 226 St Vincent Street, PORT ADELAIDE.

I wouldn’t say we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to drool-inspiring Mexican food in our city. There are undoubtedly a couple of gems dotted around the joint but I’d like to see more authentic Mexican fare injected into the throbbing vein that is the Adelaide food scene.

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Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk, 47 O’Connell Street, NORTH ADELAIDE.

Okay, so my culinary forecast for the summer season is that there’s going to be a rapid increase of Instagram’s with poke bowls and cookie dough cups. A few weeks ago, I decided to do some reconnaissance on the poke bowl uprising aaaannd Beach Bum sent me a voucher, so it would have been rude not to.

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Mexican Society of Chinatown, 140 Gouger Street, ADELAIDE.


We all know you can’t go wrong with a trip to Gouger Street to satisfy your Asian food cravings. But how does the ‘eat street’ fare when you have yourself the Mexican munchies? We decided to go and see ‘wassup’ and test out one of the new hot spots on Gouger Street, Mexican Society of Chinatown.

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Beach Burrito Company, 53 Jetty Road, GLENELG.


It’s a lazy Sunday, the sun is peeking out behind the clouds like a suspect man’s junk out of his oversized trench, and you feel like feastin’.

At a time like this there is only one place ya’ll wanna be… THE BEACH! Beach Burrito to be more precise and man-oh-man they have everything one requires to kill a Mexican hankering of the highest degree. Continue reading