Carl’s Jr, Lot 2, Dutton Road, MOUNT BARKER.

Why has an American burger chain opened it doors in little ol’ Mt Barker, South Australia? I wouldn’t have the sliiiightest clue but that certainly didn’t stop me from making the trek out yonder for it’s first week and checking the place out. I wasn’t the only one too with a line of eager feeders almost out the door.

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Fine and Fettle, 4/57 Magill Road, STEPNEY.

Karma and Crow, Whistle and Flute, Trouble and Strife, Froth and Fodder, Bricks and Stones and now we finally have another ‘something and something’ cafe to add to Adelaide’s ever expanding collection. I’m talking about the new Fine and Fettle that’s popped up on Magill Rd and although this place has followed the ‘Hip Adelaide Cafe’ guidebook when it comes to it’s name, I’m happy to report that with everything else, Fine and Fettle is marching to the beat of it’s own coffee machine.

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Winter Cocktail & Menu Launch, 2KW Bar and Restaurant, Level 8, 2 King William Street, ADELAIDE.

The change of season brings more than just a change of weather. There’s a change of wardrobe, a change of routine and a change in your electricity bill, but the change I’m really excited about, is the change in menus! *the crowd roars* All across this fine city of ours, I can hear chefs muttering frustrated words whilst trying to get the balance of flavours in a new dish juuuuust right, wait staff discussing how to pronounce ‘orecciette’ and printers spluttering out that exciting new list of things for us to eat and drink!

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10 Things I’m Really Loving Right Now

The weather here is colder than your ex-girlfriend’s heart, so here’s a list of things I’ve been loving in the colder months. Snuggle up with an energy efficient heater and a cup of organic Matcha and enjoy!

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Burger Theory – Flinders Tavern, Level 1, The Hub, Flinders University, Sturt Road, BEDFORD PARK.

Okay so *NEWSFLASH* Flinders Uni is hip now. Yeh, I didn’t know either and to be honest, I’m feeling a little jaded about the whole thing because when I studied at Flinders there were tumbleweeds rolling through the unipub and the best options for eats were Subway or an Asian joint popular among students who hadn’t started an assignment yet and were hoping for a bout of food poisoning to facilitate a much needed extension.

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Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe, Hindley Street & Liverpool Street Corner, ADELAIDE.

It’s a beautiful day, the sun’s shining and I’m looking out at an inconspicuous sanctuary in the centre of the city. I wonder… have I stumbled upon the best brunch location in Adelaide? BIG CALL, but it might just be.

The place I’m talking about is Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe, a half inside/half outside caff, slap-bang in the middle of Hindley Street between Morphett and West Tce. An unlikely spot if you’re not a City West Campus goer – you can almost smell the group presentations from here. In fact, I’m feeling the urge to complete the remainder of this review in PowerPoint presso style. Good Morning class:


  • First things first, the water comes from help yo’self taps. Sparkling or still, however you feel so inclined. A little free treat to butter the customers up on arrival. I’m into that.
  • The place is bloody beautiful with a secret garden vibe in the front filled with green grass, wooden tables and umbrellas. The inside is a rustic and relaxed place too, including benches to perch with a laptop and long tables to gather with friends.


  • The menu is everythaaang a brunch goer could possibly desire from granola, bacon n’ eggs your way and french toast to more exciting dishes including black rice pudding and ‘porkabell’ – a pork and fennel stuffed mushroom. Although I wouldn’t call it cheap, I would say it’s a decent price compared to some of the other cafes charging exorbitant prices around town.
  • I went for the Bacon’ n Eggs with avocado, smoked bacon and halloumi which was bloody brills. Generous portions, quality ingredients and perfectly cooked. There’s not much more you can ask for from a simple dish like this. 10 outta 10 fo’ sho’.


  • There are plenty of bevs to choose from on this menu and I decided to have a try of their ‘green juice’ filled with the usual leafy suspects. I’ve gotta say, it was surprisingly tasty given that green juices are basically the bitter price to pay to feel like you are ‘nourishing’ the bod.


  • I surveyed 2 people and asked them ‘Which place in the CBD is better for brunch than here?’ Their response…’none.’ CASE CLOSED.


  • Last time I paid this joint a visit, I asked if I could swap the ciabatta on one of the dishes with avocado. They were all for it even though they totes could have charged me more for the switcharoo. I appreciate that little extra bit of customer service. Staff definitely earned themselves a high distinction.


  • Definitely one of my favourite brunch places of ALL time.
  • Food, menu, staff and serenity were top notch.

That concludes my presentation. Does anyone have any questions or comments?

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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