Farina 00 Pasta & Wine, 128 King William Road, GOODWOOD.

Adelaide’s kiiiinda got it goin’ on when it comes to pizza. You want your classic Aussie pizza joint? You go to Hyde Park Pizza Bar. You want Italiano style? You go to Antica Pizzeria. You want a Detroit deep dish delight? You hit a Pearl’s Pizza. Aaaaand you want a fast food quickie? Then a dirty Domino’s will do the trick. We’ve got this guys. We’ve earned our pizza Scout’s badge. So when it comes to a pizza contender, they gotta do a stand our pie to lure in that illusive return customer.

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Light Bulb Cafe, 66 King William Road, GOODWOOD.


The number of new café/brunch spots apparating in Adelaide is actually riiiiidiculous. I’m starting to get that defeated big city feel where you know there is no chance you’ll get to them all. I’ve gotta say though… if anyone’s up to the challenge, it’s gotta be this girl (currently pointing at myself). Continue reading