Shōbōsho, 17 Leigh Street, ADELAIDE.

Since it’s opening earlier this year, Shobosho has gotta be one of the most hip and happenin’ eateries in the city centre. I would have got there sooner but I made a booking online one time and then something came up and I forgot to cancel it. Dick move, I know. They called me, they emailed me, I felt like an asshole and then of course I couldn’t go there incase they recognised me. Sure, maaaaaaybe I blew this out of proportion a little but after waiting a couple of months I finally felt confident enough to head in there incognito. My friend booked under her name of course!

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Sushi Planet, 1/60 West Terrace, ADELAIDE.


Sushi Planet is the perfect place when you’re looking for a classic sushi hit but you want to up the class level slightly from the standard Sushi Train visit. It’s also much more suitable than Sushi Train for a catch-up with ol’ friends because they won’t  shoo you out the door whilst you’re still swallowing your last bite of Aburi salmon.

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