5 Podcasts To Listen To If You Love True Crime

I looove me a good podcast. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom, driving to work, cookin’ up a big ol’ bowl of pasta, etc, etc, I love to have a podcast playing in the background and keeping me entertained. I have a pretty wide variety of podcasts I dig however I particularly love sinking my teeth into a juicy true crime story. These are the podcasts that dish it up better then Gordon Ramsey with a side of spooky, spine tingles of course!

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5 Must Have Summer Accessories

It’s officially hot on this great brown land of ours and it’s time to make sure the wardrobe matches the forecast. Wrap dresses are indisputably in full swing, but what are the accessories we should be on the hunt for this summer season? Stick with me, my friends and I will take you to a little place I like to call ‘on trend’.  

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Seasonal Garden Cafe, 220 The Parade, NORWOOD.

Us Adelaidian’s know we’re spoilt for breaky choice. This means it takes nothing short of a magical never-ending coffee cup served to you by Christopher Abbott to earn a 5 star Yelp review. I didn’t spot any Hollywood heartthrobs at Seasonal Garden Café’s new branch in Norwood, but it receives a solid thumbs up from me all the same. So they must be doing alotta things right.

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Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk, 47 O’Connell Street, NORTH ADELAIDE.

Okay, so my culinary forecast for the summer season is that there’s going to be a rapid increase of Instagram’s with poke bowls and cookie dough cups. A few weeks ago, I decided to do some reconnaissance on the poke bowl uprising aaaannd Beach Bum sent me a voucher, so it would have been rude not to.

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Boneshaker, 221 Marion Rd, MARLESTON.

When it comes to burgers in Adelaide, I thought I’d pretty much tried ‘em all. Suffice to say, I was almost gobsmacked when I saw an article by Broadsheet listing the best burgers in Adelaide with a burger joint I’d never even heard off! Gobsmacked status was then officially achieved once I realised it was legit just around the corner from me. I’m talking about Boneshaker by the way, which I attended as soon as possible post-discovery. Continue reading

Lantern by Nu, 10 Selby Street, ADELAIDE.

Nu Suandokmai is a chef with an impressive resume. He has travelled the world, wowing diners with his punchy flavours and culinary creativity. He has also made his mark on lucky ol’ Adelaide with his involvement in Golden Boy, Gin Long and Mrs Q. Next up, Lantern By Nu, a rad new restaurant off Gouger Street, serving up modern Thai street food.

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