My Recent Empties #1

You know the drill. I try a bunch of products so you don’t have to. Here’s what I thought about this lot….

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque – This one is a perfect mask for your basic rub and buff (why does that sound so suggestive?!). A clay based mask that you leave on to dry and then massage into the skin before washing off. The cranberry seeds get rid of any uneven or dead skin, leaving your face as fresh as a 2 week olds.

REPURCHASE? I will likely buy this stuff again but with so many exciting face masks out there to try I can’t imagine I’ll be getting another one of these bad boys any time soon.

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Alaska– I purchased this base to wear on relaxed days – brunch with the girls, out to the shops type stuff but now I can’t help but pick this one up 5 or so mornings a week! I love how this product offers moderate coverage but still looks so damn natural. A total winner in my books!

REPURCHASE? Yah, girl.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – I raved about this product in my ‘It’s Another US Make-Up Haul’ post so feel free to check that out. Basically this concealer is a total dream with medium coverage without ever looking thick or cakey. THE. BEST.

REPURCHASE? All day errrr’y day.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – Every beauty blogger and vlogger knows about this dreamy serum. This stuff just melts into the skin and its stunning essential oils will make your face feel bright and replenished when your alarm goes buzzzzz in the mornings. There’s a reason why this product is a cult classic.

REPURCHASE? Not yet but definitely will do in the future.

Benefit Gimme Brows in Medium/Deep – This product has been redone with their new line of brow products so you wont find this version of it in store but I have to say I found it super easy peasy to use and very effective. Great for topping up the boldness factor after using some sort of brow pencil and also amazing to wear on its own for a relaxed ‘no makeup’ look!

REPURCHASE? Yaaaass! I now have the updated version, which has a wider variety of colours and different packaging. Still a killer product.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4 – I was a big fan of this one when I was using it. It has a natural colour selection, a fine tip for precise application and a handy dandy spoolie on the end. I’ve recently however moved onto a thicker defining pencil and I actually prefer it as it’s quicker and less fiddly. Probably a personal preference on that one but a great option if that’s what you’re after.


L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black – A solid performance here by L’Oreal with a reasonably priced mascara that will create thick and long, jet-black lashes. No complaints from me on this one but I wonder if there is any mascara that could completely bowl me over. Let me know if there is a mascara you adore!

REPURCHASE? Not any time soon. On the hunt for something outstanding.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I caaanot live without micellar water and to be honest, I’ve only tried a couple of varieties because I think it’s all pretty same/same. Why look any further when this one does exactly what you want by removing makeup effortlessly without drying the skin? Also, it’s super cheap! End the search and settle on this one I say!

REPURCHASE? Have and will!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish – Not a huge fan of this one as it’s kind of an exfoliator/body wash hybrid. There just wasn’t enough of a physical exfoliator so it didn’t really do its job and if I wanted a body wash, I would just use a body wash, you know? I did however appreciate the sickly sweet strawberry scent which took me back to me teenage years of Neighbours and downing milo by the kilo.

REPURCHASE? Not today or any other.

All in all I was pretty chuffed with most of these products. NARS is pretty much THE best when it comes to getting a flawless and natural look. Bless em’.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

Carl’s Jr, Lot 2, Dutton Road, MOUNT BARKER.

Why has an American burger chain opened it doors in little ol’ Mt Barker, South Australia? I wouldn’t have the sliiiightest clue but that certainly didn’t stop me from making the trek out yonder for it’s first week and checking the place out. I wasn’t the only one too with a line of eager feeders almost out the door.

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‘My Best Friend Got Married and All I got Was This Cheap US Make-Up’ Haul

I love it when my friends get married. It’s just so special to watch them make a life long commitment to their best friend and then fly off to their romantic honeymoon in the US with my make-up order in their luggage. A life of love and commitment for you, cheap make-up from the US for me. I mean who’s really getting the better deal here?!

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Shōbōsho, 17 Leigh Street, ADELAIDE.

Since it’s opening earlier this year, Shobosho has gotta be one of the most hip and happenin’ eateries in the city centre. I would have got there sooner but I made a booking online one time and then something came up and I forgot to cancel it. Dick move, I know. They called me, they emailed me, I felt like an asshole and then of course I couldn’t go there incase they recognised me. Sure, maaaaaaybe I blew this out of proportion a little but after waiting a couple of months I finally felt confident enough to head in there incognito. My friend booked under her name of course!

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Recent Reads – Winter Edition

Crank the heater, brew some peppermint tea and dive into some fresh sheets with a bloody good book. It’s winter time baby and what better way to get through this hellish season then to snuggle up and read? That’s where I’ll be until conditions improve and these are the books I’ve been hiding away with recently:

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Fine and Fettle, 4/57 Magill Road, STEPNEY.

Karma and Crow, Whistle and Flute, Trouble and Strife, Froth and Fodder, Bricks and Stones and now we finally have another ‘something and something’ cafe to add to Adelaide’s ever expanding collection. I’m talking about the new Fine and Fettle that’s popped up on Magill Rd and although this place has followed the ‘Hip Adelaide Cafe’ guidebook when it comes to it’s name, I’m happy to report that with everything else, Fine and Fettle is marching to the beat of it’s own coffee machine.

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