Things I Loved in January

I love me some January with the smell of ‘fresh start’ in the air. The weather’s uplifting, your energy is renewed and you feel like you CAN loose those extra 5 kg’s AND find the man of your dreams with time left over to start that pottery class you’ve always wanted to do. So let’s take a minute to send some props to January because it really does treat us with respect, like a one night stand who offers to drop you home in the morning. In an ode to this stunner of a month, here’s a little glimpse of the things I’ve been loving in Jan.

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27 Hot Date Ideas – For the uncreative romantic in all of us.

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So you’ve hit a nice little relationship groove. You’re comfortable. You’re content. You’re able to serve up a hefty air biscuit without complete mortification. That’s great! I’m happy for you. But please, I beg of you, don’t let the increased comfort levels lead to spending every night at home with your loved one; picking your toenails and watching Stranger Things (sometimes it’s okay though because that show is the bomb DOT com).

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What’s wrong with a little me time?

alone 1


Me, Myself and I… wish-so-bad-that-I-had-a-boyfriend-right-now-I-wonder-if-that-creep-who-just-called-out-‘Nice-tits’-on-the-tram-wants-to-come-over-and-watch-a-romcom-at-my-place.

In our society, it often feels like the words ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ are interchangeable. As if choosing to engage in activities alone means you must be some kind of undesirable and not simply making the decision on your own accord. I read a super interesting article about such topics right here, please feel free to have a gawk.

So… what happens to us when we’re unattached?

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