Farina 00 Pasta & Wine, 128 King William Road, GOODWOOD.

Adelaide’s kiiiinda got it goin’ on when it comes to pizza. You want your classic Aussie pizza joint? You go to Hyde Park Pizza Bar. You want Italiano style? You go to Antica Pizzeria. You want a Detroit deep dish delight? You hit a Pearl’s Pizza. Aaaaand you want a fast food quickie? Then a dirty Domino’s will do the trick. We’ve got this guys. We’ve earned our pizza Scout’s badge. So when it comes to a pizza contender, they gotta do a stand our pie to lure in that illusive return customer.

I recently found that stand out. A pizza by the name of ‘Bizarre Cheese’ with Fiore di latte, gorgonzola, provolone dolce, grana padana, nutmeg, fresh fig and chilli honey. Yes, that’s right, cheese and honey is as pleasing a pair as bangin’ on a bold red lip with a little black dress. It makes sense. It really was a beautiful thing and I can’t forget the part where it was delivered on a thin and crispy, Italian style base made by an Italian man who spoke very little English. We communicated just fine, as we both spoke the language of Pizza.

Now I should probably tell you where I got the pizza from – you can snag yourself one of these beauties at Farina 00 Pasta & Wine on King William Road. But don’t all rush there at once please. If they run out of figs next time I’ll be shutting down this blog quicker then you can say ‘where has all the good reviews gone.’

Also while you’re there, make sure you order up some of their other outstanding offerings, because like a first date that pays for dinner and opens your car door, they are not likely to disappoint. I loved the classic combo of San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior di Latte and basil on this ‘’Prize of the Queen” pizza.

I also couldn’t resist the ‘za with San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior di Latte, prosciutto di parma, rocket and grana padana. If you don’t like strips of fresh prosciutto atop carbs, cheese and sauce, then you are a heathen. Plain and simple.

The pasta is also fresh as f*ck and made on sight, so of course you’ve gotta have some of that too.

The service is also really attentive and knowledgable which is what you want when you find the time to leave your busy life of ‘netflix and chill’.

IN SUMMARY: A rad joint with some pretty stand out food. A perfect locaish for your next dinner with the gals or a little romantic ‘za for two.

Thanks to Girl About Town and Farina 00 Pasta & Wine for the chance to check out the new pizza menu!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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