Things I Loved in January

I love me some January with the smell of ‘fresh start’ in the air. The weather’s uplifting, your energy is renewed and you feel like you CAN loose those extra 5 kg’s AND find the man of your dreams with time left over to start that pottery class you’ve always wanted to do. So let’s take a minute to send some props to January because it really does treat us with respect, like a one night stand who offers to drop you home in the morning. In an ode to this stunner of a month, here’s a little glimpse of the things I’ve been loving in Jan.

In the entertainment category, you should really check out my blog post on Netflix Shows To Binge Right Now. There’s some good ’uns in there and coming from the person who wrote it, you can tell that is a completely unbiased opinion. If I had to narrow it down to one though, I’d have to go with the Netflix series Easy. I devoured the second season like a serve of fries after too many Patron shots. Could. Not. Stop.

I’ve been smashing my reading goals for the year so far and I recently broke the spine on a novel by the name of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Sure, it’s only the first month of the year, but I predict this will be one of my all time faves of 2018. Such an easy and captivating read with a psychological thriller sort of mystique. There’s a twist at the end. It’s epic.

Faaaashion wise, I’ve been all about the wrap. Whether it’s a dress or a skirt, I’m into it and this beautiful thang from Realisation Par has been making me feel like a qween hunny. A bit boobier than my usual style but hey, the girls deserve to be shown off from time to time. In an attempt to vamp up my work wardrobe, I just purchased this stunner of a silk shirt from Country Road. I was a little unsure on the colour at first but then I fell in love quicker than a single, 33 year old woman who decides she wants to have 3 kids before turning 37.

I have a lip balm at every station of my life. Work desk, beauty stash, handbag, bedside table… you name it, I’ve balmed it. Every morning when I slap on some make-up, my cracked lips get the absolute pleasure of being painted with Baume De Rose from By Terry. This stuff is lux and it’s insanely moisturising on the pout. Speaking of luxury, I recently added the Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in Warm Brunette to my repertoire and it is D-vine. I love the warm tone and let’s be honest, they had me at the packaging.

Pool hangs is another fave of mine for the month. I love paddling around, bringing back some old school ‘spaghetti legs’ handstands and dives and no doubt I’ll be listening to the song I’m obsessed with mid-swim which is Nights With You by MØ. I was also super impressed with a lovely little brunch spot on Tapleys Hill Road by the name of Commune 1.

So tell me about what ya’ll been loving in January!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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