Netflix Shows to Binge Right Now

You know the drill. Here’s a list of the shows you gotta get bingein’ like Netflix is about to be shutdown.

The Sinner – I’ve never been a fan of Jessica Biel but daaayymmm girl, she does some acting in this one. There’s a murder. We all knew who did it. What we don’t know is WHY?! A great psychological ‘why dunnit’ that will keep you on your toes. Also, I’d watch clothes in a tumble drier if it somehow involved Christopher Abbott AKA Charlie from GIRLS. He is amazing and Marnie is a total embarrassment for breaking up with him.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – If you don’t like Jerry Seinfeld then get a new personality and get back to me. He is just so. damn. likeable.  It’s a simple premise, the show basically consists of quick 12 to 18 minute eps of Jerry going out with a legendary comedian and shooting the shit over coffee. A great little laugh and perfect for when you don’t have much time on your hands.

Black Mirror – Holy moly this one is a killer series about fictional technology that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. I absolutely adore the ‘Nosedive’ episode that focuses on social media. Black Mirror will take you to a whole bunch of mental places you have never been. So buckle up and enjoy!

Somebody Feed Phil – I’m a food docuseries girl from way back. Anthony Bourdain is kinda my foodie soul mate but I recently smashed out this new Netflix original. The main guy Phil Rosenthal was actually the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond and he is suspiciously likeable. The episode on Lisbon made me want to get on a flight over there ASAP.

Rotten – Another docuseries on food! This one is a deep look into the ethical, moral, criminal and sustainability issues surrounding certain foods. I loved the episode on peanuts and the epidemic of food allergies as well as the episode on bees and honey which made me aware of some problems I had zero clue about. Learning while you’re having fun people! Is there anything better?

The End Of The Fucking World – A teen angst masterpiece, I smashed out the first and only available season of this show in one afternoon. A coupla oddball kids on a crazy-ass road trip that leads to a whole boatload of trouble. These characters are raw, beautiful and bizarre all at the same time. Watch it, watch it now.

Alias Grace – If you’re a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale then ta-rust me when I say you’ll like this amazing tale. These original stories was written by the same author, Margaret Atwood and they are both brilliantly dark and mysterious. A great one to sit down and marathon. Weekend plans are a go!

Easy – A fun and quirky take on modern relationships. Stand alone stories about love between people of different age, race, sexual orientation and all of that good stuff. It’s funny, it’s different and dammit it’s real. Some seriously talented actors involved in this show.

Diana: In Her Own Words – I’m not really a big lover of the royals but I kind of caught the regal bug after lapping up The Crown. Diana is a documentary about Princess Diana. It’s told (as much as possible) from her point of view and it really shows some relationship dynamics I had little insight into. Also, she was an absolute goddess.

What are you bingeing at the moment? A girl could use a recommendation!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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