My Goals for 2018.

I’m heavy handed when it comes to New Year goals. I’m like that friend who pours you a vodka, soda, lime and the glass is over half full before they get to the soda. Soz about it! Do I need like 30 goals every year? Proooobably not. But in the first week of Jan, when possibilities feel endless, why not set your self up for some character building failure? Just kidding!

So I thought I would share some of my goals for this year in case ya’ll are doing the same and looking for some ideas.

  1. Read 2 books a month – Because readers are the best people and I want to be the best people.
  2. Find a new project – What’s an interesting side hustle I can dive into this year? Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  3. Go on an overseas trip, an interstate trip and a local trip – Is there anything better in life than leaving it all behind and setting off on an adventure? This year I’m making travel a top priority!
  4. Get my brows microbladed – I’ve been pondering my brow game for a while now and I think it’s time to go for it.
  5. Do yoga three times a week – When I get into a routine with yoga, I really love it but after a hectic December I’m WELL out of practice. I’ve decided to crank it back up with a ‘Yoga with Adriene’ 30 day challenge this month and then transition back into 3 classes a week. 5 days down and I’m already noticing improvement… or at least that’t what I’m telling myself in order to not turn into the dirty rotten quitter I am.
  6. Go to Adelaide’s top 10 restaurants in the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide 2018 – I saw THIS LIST of Adelaide’s best restaurants and there are quite a few I’ve never ventured to.  This is THE YEAR.
  7. Read the Barefoot Investor and implement it – I gotta get better with ma ceeeeeesh and get serious about SAVING. I’m loving Scott Pape’s casual lingo and simple strategies to create financial abundance and freedom.
  8. Publish 2 blog posts a week – I know, I know. CONTENT IS KING. I have to get more consistent with my posts.
  9. Find another way to volunteer – Volunteering is so damn rewarding. Sometimes when I’m being tough on myself I just say ‘well, at least I f*ckin’ volunteer! It ain’t all bad’ and that makes me feel a bunch better. Did I mention volunteering is mostly about yourself?
  10. Cook a new recipe every week – I’m great at making avo on toast with a side of bacon. GREAT. AT. IT. However I haven’t been doing much when it comes to trying new recipes and ingredients. This year, I want to widen my cooking repertoire a little. I have about 45 cookbooks so that part’s already covered.
  11. Give more compliments – Why are we so awkward about giving each other compliments? I, for one, loooooove to get a compliment and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel the same way. So why don’t we get a little more free flowing with them? Don’t think something nice about someone and then keep it to yourself. TELL THEM. It’s a shame to keep the good thoughts bottled up!
  12. Make 5 lifestyle changes that benefit the Earth – I’m becoming a lot more environmentally conscious in my old age and I want to start making a few conscious changes to lessen my impact on this planet of ours. Any idea would be very welcome!
  13. Try 10 new things, anything! – New experiences is another thing I want to focus on this year. Broaden my horizons and get the rush from trying something out of the ol’ comfort zone. I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with!
  14. Keep up the bullet journaling – I’m a list writer from way back and I love the way a bullet journal keeps you on track and accountable. I’m going to try and keep up with mine for the whole year. Wish me luck!

So there you have it, a few ideas for goals this year. Please feel free to share what you are aiming for in 2018. LET’S DO THIS.

Until new time… That’s what she said.

3 responses

  1. I love these goals, especially 11 & 12. Might have to add some of these to my list.
    And I’m feeling you in the saving front, I really gotta knuckle down on that one – who knew houses were so expensive!


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