5 Podcasts To Listen To If You Love True Crime

I looove me a good podcast. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom, driving to work, cookin’ up a big ol’ bowl of pasta, etc, etc, I love to have a podcast playing in the background and keeping me entertained. I have a pretty wide variety of podcasts I dig however I particularly love sinking my teeth into a juicy true crime story. These are the podcasts that dish it up better then Gordon Ramsey with a side of spooky, spine tingles of course!

Someone Knows Something – I smashed these two seasons faster than a plate at a greek wedding. Each season focuses on one missing person case which allows plenty of time to dive into some deep investigations  These are super intriguing, real life stories that will leave you thinking about them long after the season ends.

Criminal – Every episode of Criminal is something new. Some stories are funny, some are gloomy, some are quirky AF – but what they all have in common is the element of  crime. I could listen to the host, Phoebe Judge literally talk for hours with here slow and deliberate tone. Great for when you just want to listen to an entertaining and random story on your commute.

My Favourite Murder – Karen and Georgia are my Baes and My Favourite Murder is my podcasts obbbbbbbsession. Two hilarious woman talking about their favourite murders and serial killers with an aside of the new jeans they love and what they talked about in therapy that day. They also do a minisode each week where they read ‘Hometown Murders’ sent in by listeners which are a total hoot. Love these ladies and can completely relate to their love of true crime and all things morbid.

Last Podcast On the Left – Three funny dudes talking about some seriously un-funny shit is a pretty good round-up of this podcast. Not just serial killers and the like, these guys talk about all the ‘horrors of the world’. It’s pretty out there with the comedy and impressions and ‘bits’ they do so I find I have to be in the mood for this one. I recently listened to their two-parter on Eileen Wuornos which was super funny and informative.

Dirty John – This is my new podcast crush and I’m finding excuses to go for drives so I can get more of Dirty John in my ears. A creepy as hell, true crime mystery based on a deceptive and cruel conman who tricks and blackmails woman for their money and lifestyle. I feel like hitting my head up against a wall when I hear from the main women in this story because Dirty John just keeps reeling her in despite the plethora of red flags waiving in front of her eyes. A story that will have you hooked!

Is anyone else a true crime lover like me? Hit me up with some recommendations!

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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