5 Must Have Summer Accessories

It’s officially hot on this great brown land of ours and it’s time to make sure the wardrobe matches the forecast. Wrap dresses are indisputably in full swing, but what are the accessories we should be on the hunt for this summer season? Stick with me, my friends and I will take you to a little place I like to call ‘on trend’.  

Sunnies – When the sun’s shining I can’t go without a pair of shades to protect the ol’ eyeballs. These Round Metal Folding sunnies from Ray Ban (pic below) are alllll the rage at the moment but honestly, I look like Ozzy Osbourne when I put them on so I’ve had to find alternatives. I’m thinking Aperols in the sun with these golden gems or maybe these sustainable shades by Dick Moby.

Gold Necklaces – I’m loving dainty gold jewellery almost as much as marriage equality, particularly necklaces that can be layered. I’m wearing this Large Horn Necklace by Missoma to death, which I also like to pair with their Mini Fang Necklace. Almost a better pair than Sonny and Cher!

A Woven Handbag – You ain’t shit if you’re not donning a bag which looks like it was handwoven by the locals at your most recent trip to Thailand. A lot of them are cross-body which is super convenient as I need two hands to hold my double scoop Copenhagen cone. I bought this little gem from Ellen and James but you can’t hit an online boutique without spotting something super similar.

A Statement Hat – The rules in summertime are strict – no hat, no play. So why not make it a statement piece? This year I’m going for a straw number but I can’t decide between a medium sized boater brim, or possibly more of a fedora style. If someone tells me to get both, I will!

Sunscreen – Yes, yes, more about the slip/slop/slap. In the summer months my pale complexion really won’t allow me to be out in the sun for more than 5 minutes without some sun protection. I like to slather my face with this sunscreen by La Roche-Posay because the consistency is so light it feels like you don’t have anything on.
So there is my round up of the summer accessories on the ‘hot list’ this summer, so to speak! What are you going to be rocking this summer?
Until next time…That’s what she said.

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