Seasonal Garden Cafe, 220 The Parade, NORWOOD.

Us Adelaidian’s know we’re spoilt for breaky choice. This means it takes nothing short of a magical never-ending coffee cup served to you by Christopher Abbott to earn a 5 star Yelp review. I didn’t spot any Hollywood heartthrobs at Seasonal Garden Café’s new branch in Norwood, but it receives a solid thumbs up from me all the same. So they must be doing alotta things right.

The interior of the eatery is a laid-back, country cottage look with vintage lunch boxes, clunky wooden tables and a comfortable worn-in vibe. This is a place where you could kick back and catch up with old friends for hours. After all, there’s no rush in the country.

The menu is solid. Certainly not the 50 page binder available a few doors down at the breakfast bigwig, Argo’s but enough on the list to satisfy most, if not all, dietary requirements and preferences. I decided to go with their granola and yoghurt, mostly because I’d been watching some health and fitness YouTubers earlier that morning and felt too guilty ordering what I really wanted… which was pancakes. No regrets though.The granola was tasty and well instagrammable with it’s selection of oats and seeds, fresh and dried fruit and a big ol dollop of creamy yoghurt to wash it down with. I also opted for a side of almond milk because I like mine a lil’ cereal-like. I particularly loved the chewy bits of dried fruits (dried cranberries I think?) sprinkled throughout. Dosh well sent.

My brunch partner ordered eggs with gluten free toast, mushrooms, greens and smoked salmon. The eggs were poached to perfection and the sides were all nicely presented and top quality. He also ordered a liver cleanse juice from their rather extensive juices and smoothie range.

Now of course a hip café is not a hip café without a selection of sweet treats at the counter cabinet….and of course they must be raw, gluten free and unrefined because that is the only way us humans can accept that we now have dessert after every single meal. I got myself a Ferrero Rocher slice to enjoy on the couch later. It was good. A thin, crumbly biscuit base topped with a big ol’ layer of fudgey deliciousness with flecks of hazelnut throughout as well as sprinkled on top. It was no caramel mud cake from the Cheesecake Shop but it certainly hit the spot.

The new addition to the Norwood strip is certainly a winner in my books. A place that offers all the luxuries of a trendy café without the cookie cutter look and feel.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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