Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk, 47 O’Connell Street, NORTH ADELAIDE.

Okay, so my culinary forecast for the summer season is that there’s going to be a rapid increase of Instagram’s with poke bowls and cookie dough cups. A few weeks ago, I decided to do some reconnaissance on the poke bowl uprising aaaannd Beach Bum sent me a voucher, so it would have been rude not to.

Beach Bum is a vibrant eatery right on O’Connell Street. There rarely appears to be vacant seats during meal hours which is saying a lot given all the places to choose from in the area.

Beach Bum is inspired by a Hawaiian Kiosk in both it’s interior and menu. Suffice to say, the word ‘Aloha’ gets thrown around a fair bit. The interior is light and bright with timber furnishing and splashes of bold shades including the large, blue food truck AKA front counter which will be the first thing you spot on arrival. Seeing the replica food truck didn’t get me quite as excited as finding  a shrimp truck on the North Shore, but I loved the idea all the same.

The menu is kinda like nothing we have here in Rad-town, with a selection of tacos, salads, Hawaiian plates and poke bowls. Pork and raw fish are pretty much the state’s iconic dishes and man, do they do them well.

As you would have already guessed, I ordered the tuna poke bowl with a huge amount of tasty, crunchy things including purple cabbage, pickled carrot, edamame beans, green onion, toasted sesame, nori, avocado, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, wantons and gochujang mayo with some brown rice. I loved it. The fish was fresher than a newborn and the salad options were vibrant in both colour and flavour. The perfect mid-week dish when you want something super tasty and filling that won’t leave you feeling bloated and a touch guilty.

I also spotted an amazing pork taco on the specials board which just had to go in my tummy. It was bloody delicious which is really all I can say about it because I’m an amateur blogger who didn’t take a picture of the specials board and am currently suffering food amnesia. I remember it was mighty fine though.

And, of course, I got fries too because of the person I am generally.

They were top of the tree type fries. I respect a place that doesn’t mess around with their sides and the edamame were also really simple and tasty.

This one is definitely a place I’ll be back to over the upcoming warmer months. A good feed guaranteed!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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