7 Must Have Fashion Items For Spring


Hallelujah, winter is O-V-E-R and now we get to loose the heavy trenches and thick knits for something a little lighted and (possibly) brighter! These are the fashion items I just don’t wanna do without this season.

White trainers – When it’s too hot for boots but it ain’t quite sandal season, the perfect solution is a crisp white trainer. This is the footwear that goes with everything from dresses, short skirts paired with a slogan tee, jeans or a snazzy pair of slacks. You name it, it’ll go. Plus they are comfy AF and so I’d pick them over a heel any damn day.

The one for me: I just treated myself to these Classic Leather Reebok trainers. I’m totally digging how they brought this range back. Whilst I was doing some online browsing I stumbled across the EXACT pair of high tops my mum wore when I was a teenager. All the mems. I’ve only worn this fresh pair once so far but dayyymmmm, there’s more cushion than a bloggers bedroom. Love them!

Wrap Dress – You can’t open a magazine or fashion blog without seeing a boatload of wrap dresses in different patterns and styles. Eeeeeeveryone’s doing them. One of the best parts about a wrap dress is that they’re a perfection transitional wardrobe piece as you can pair them with a jacket and boots when its cooler then just chuck on some sandals when it hots up.

The one for me: I just picked up this blue and white floral delight from Topshop. I love the wide-cut floaty sleeves which are super flattering on the arm and I adore that classic ‘ceramic plate’ type colour scheme.  

Sunnies – The sun is finally showing itself so it’s time to dust those shades off and get them back into rotation. Great for practicality of course but also handy for making an outfit look extra chic.

The one for me: Major heart eyes for these Quay Australia sunnies from ASOS. 

Blazer – Giiiirl if you’re looking for a chic outfit with minimal effort then bang on a blazer and let it do it’s thing. Another piece that goes with everything from jeans, dresses, shorts or a lycra onesie if you’re taking a page out of Richard Simmons book. Sophisticaish is the key and you’ll be dripping in it when it’s paired with understated basics. 

The one for me: I’m stoked with this stunning terracotta/pinkish number from MNG. I’m thinking black basics underneath with a bit of gold jewellery to add a touch of Xtra.

Straight Leg Jeans – Skinny and boyfriend will do just fine but this season it’s all about the straight leg jeans. You can find them everywhere but I’m hearing good things about what’s on offer at  Zara, Levis, Urban Outfitters and TopshopPair these with a lovely pair of loafers along with a knit oslogan tee and BOOM, make like grandma’s hairstyle because youre all SET.

The one for me: Being on the curvier side of life, straight leg jeans pose a little bit of a challenge but I’m well and truly committed to the cause. I’m particularly enjoying these ones from ASOS however I’d love some recommendations because I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair.

Slogan Tee – Slogan Tees are having more or a moment than Taylor Swift. So much so, that the entire French vocabulary could likely be covered by bloggers and their tees. There’s so many out there it’s hard for a girl to choose!  Great for more casual days with minimal makeup, or perfect for a dressier look tucked into a nice pair of slacks and heels.

The one for me: A couple of tees I’ve been rocking lately is this one and this one. I particularly love how boxy and oversized they are.

Thin knit – So it’ll soon start getting a touch too hot for thick knits but that doesn’t mean you have to abort that knit life completely. A thin knit is great for that in the middle kinda weather and it’s super convenient for layering as it will fit under most of your jackets!

The one for me: Asoon as a saw this one on ASOS I was like hell yizzle!

Man I love me some Spring Fashion. Let me know what items are essential in your Spring Wardrobe.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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