10 Things I Loved In The Month of August

It’s literally time to start making plans for New Years (ice-cream on the couch anyone?) which means the year is just gliiiiiding on by. Here’s a little round up of the things I’ve been loving in the month of August. I was tempted to just write ‘snuggling a packet of chips in bed’ which although would be a pretty accurate description of my month, possibly wouldn’t make for an interesting post. So here’s the OTHER stuff I’ve been into…

Spotify – I know this is like Grandma discovering the Internet but Spotify has to be one of my favourite things ATM. Previously I was living the Apple Music life and Spotify totally kicks it’s ass. It’s like having a little DJ friend inside your phone who chooses the music he knows you like! I. LOVE. IT. Songs I’m currently digging include: All Night – The Vamps, Nights With You – M(O with the slash through it!) and Lush Life – Zara Larsson.

YouTuber Emma Hill – I’ve been going goo-goo-ga-ga over all the dynamite hauls Emma’s been doing on her channel. So much so that I blame her entirely for getting me into a pretty grim financial position. She’s got a killer style and a lovely personality PLUS she has 5 dogs so she’s pretty much living my dream life. Check her out but prepare yourself for some major enabling.

A Year of Beautiful Eating by Madeleine Shaw – The latest addition to Madeleine’s healthy lifestyle brand and her third cookbook! Not bloody bad for a lass only 27 years of age. I really like Madeleine’s cookbooks as the recipes are super simple with minimal ingredients. My fave recipe so far has been her Chocolate Protein Powered Smoothie which I’ve been gulping errr’yday on my way to work. Super tasty and filling. I also really enjoyed  the Quinoa and Maple-Roasted Squash Bowl which was a perfect recipe for mid-week lunches. This cookbook has a section for each season with recipes containing in-season ingredients which is a great way to cook!

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara – My goal for August was to finish this GIANT of a book. I failed miserably with only 350 out of 720 pages read however I am really starting to get hooked. I’ve already had a ‘reading in a cold bath’ situation where I know I need to get out but I just can’t put the book down long enough to do it!

Game of Thrones – Two words, ICE DRAGON.

Electric Toothbrush – I haven’t had an electric toothbrush for yonks so I was ecstatic to get this shhhhwanky one from my besties as a birthday gift this year. Firstly, it’s chic as shit. Secondly, it does such a good job at cleaning the ol’ pegs! My dentist is going to love me next visit!

My Favourite Murder Have you ever been so obsessed with a podcast that you find excuses to go on long drives just because you want to smash out another episode? Yeh nah, that’s weird, me neither. ANYWAY I love true crime, I love hilarious women, I love everything about this podcast. Cannot recommend it enough.

New Closet Additions – I’ve been a little off the leash when it come to spending lately but at least I have some good wardrobe additions to show for it! Blazers and straight legged jeans are my jam at the moment and I am loving this blazer from Topshop. Also pretty keen on this new top for a smart casual type of outing when it warms up a touch.

Baths – Question: is there anything better than having a warm soak in the winter time? Of course you gotta get your basic bitch on and drop a Lush bath bomb., then just lie like broccoliiiii until you’re good and pruned. Total bliss.

Bullet Journal – I’ve now had enough time to really get into the bullet journal routine and it’s doing wonders for my productivity and general ‘getting shit done’ daily quota. Every day I write a couple little things I have to get done and then I do my damnedest to have them crossed off my list by the end of the day. A great way to motivate yourself to do that little but extra like pick up the dry cleaning after work or remember to organise a catch up with a friend.

What have you been loving lately? Send me your podcast, book, TV show, youTuber recommendations!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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    • Oh you’re on it too! Totes agree, it’s awesome getting to customise it comletely to your life and that you can just tweek it however you like at any time. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
      Thanks so much for the comment Berny. 😊


  1. glad to see u have made progress with the book! get in that bath haha. also bullet journaling sounds great. Im so with u on the NYE shebang, last years was the best in a while but the hangover lasted way too long; i’m way too old for that!


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