Shōbōsho, 17 Leigh Street, ADELAIDE.

Since it’s opening earlier this year, Shobosho has gotta be one of the most hip and happenin’ eateries in the city centre. I would have got there sooner but I made a booking online one time and then something came up and I forgot to cancel it. Dick move, I know. They called me, they emailed me, I felt like an asshole and then of course I couldn’t go there incase they recognised me. Sure, maaaaaaybe I blew this out of proportion a little but after waiting a couple of months I finally felt confident enough to head in there incognito. My friend booked under her name of course!

The interior of Shobosho is seriously slick with a minimal design and dim-lit booths. I kinda hate when people describe Adelaide spots by saying ‘Ohh this is so Melbourne’ or ‘I feel like I’m in Sydney!’ because I want to be like ‘No, it’s Adelaide. We do cool shit here too ya know!’ buuuuuut I have to be honest and say that it really reminded me of New York. There’s something about the combination of ridiculously personable staff, a daily edited menu, and a hustle and bustle vibe that took me back to the Big Apple.

The menu at Shobosho is ever-changing and consists of starters, small plates (mostly dim sum type dishes which are priced per piece) and larger dishes. With a handful of choice in each, you’re guaranteed to find something you dig.

To start, we ordered the salt and vinegar Korean seaweed crisps and the spiced prawn crackers with a Spencer Gulf prawn puree type thang, a whole prawn on-top of that and seaweed mayonnaise. I adored both of these bad boys particularly the rich and creamy prawn mixture poured into those crispy, crunchy prawn cracker. A triple prawn situation just can’t be wrong. And seaweed mayonnaise? That was some gourmet shit!

My fav dish had to be the raw yellow fin tuna, charred edemame, black rice and bonito cream. The bonito cream is at the base of the dish so you stir it through after it arrives on the table. This was like nothing I have had before and the top quality fish and vibrant, fresh ingredients made it all kinds of special.

Next in the food parade was the chilli beef pot sticker dumplings in spicy sauce. F*ck a duck, these dumplings were redic – super tasty with an extra pow on the tastebuds coming from the chilli oil/soy sauce concoction poured on the plate. This had to be my favourite dish of the night. *love heart eyes*

The wood grilled XO southern calamari with daikon, garlic shoot, mizuna and lime only gets a ‘meh’ from me. I love me some calamari but I think you have to do something pretty special with it to get any kind of wow-factor. This just didn’t and wasn’t. A tasty salad all the same but nothing I would be tweetin’ Anthony Bourdain about.

The only gripe I have with Shobosho is the small servings. I GET that these dishes are mostly suppose to be small tasty morsels with incredible flavours and quality ingredients to be savoured but I don’t maintain this physique of mine on the recommended daily intake. I need more! When you go out for dinner you want to leave with your jeans unbuttoned, hating yourself just that little bit, not contemplating whether you should shwing past a drive through on the way home.

So there you have it, a little rundown of one of the hottest spots in Adelaide right now. Overall, I’m impressed with what they got goin’ on and would totes be keen to get some more of those perfect pot stickers. Speaking of perfect, this spot is an absolute gem for a hot date – I’d just try and avoid the 2 seats riiiiight opposite the grill as the sexual tension won’t be the only thing heating up throughout the night. I think I was medium to well by the end of the evening!

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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