Fine and Fettle, 4/57 Magill Road, STEPNEY.

Karma and Crow, Whistle and Flute, Trouble and Strife, Froth and Fodder, Bricks and Stones and now we finally have another ‘something and something’ cafe to add to Adelaide’s ever expanding collection. I’m talking about the new Fine and Fettle that’s popped up on Magill Rd and although this place has followed the ‘Hip Adelaide Cafe’ guidebook when it comes to it’s name, I’m happy to report that with everything else, Fine and Fettle is marching to the beat of it’s own coffee machine.

When I arrived at F & F I was instantly taken by it’s interior. I loved the glass front building, allowing whatever meagre sunlight we have available this time of year to pour in and bath customers whilst they eat their delicious breakfast bites. With window pews, high tables and low tables there are plenty of perch points to choose from in this beautifully designed and spacious place. A sprinkling of greenery should never be forgotten to give a space an extra kick of life. F & F were all over that with a healthy amount of hanging vines and large potted plants. The polished concrete floors, white brick walls and exposed wooden beams added a raw industrial edge. What I’m saying is – they did good.

Now of course what this seasoned breakfast-eater was there for was the food, and man, do they have an impressive selection of it. They had a few safe bacon n’ eggs options but for the most part, the menu had exciting and inspired breakfast dishes ya’ll need to race there and try.

My breakfast bud went with the Cured Ocean Trout with a poached egg, goats curd, edamame, beetroot and rye. She was lovin’ it. A fresh dish with an interesting collection of flavours and plenty of high quality ingredients. Her only criticism was that the meal didn’t feel all that ‘breakfasty’ and I actually felt the same about my dish too. I mean, you can’t just pop an egg on a lunch dish and call it breakfast, AMIIIRRRITTE?

I decided to try the Corn and Manchego Fritters with a fried duck egg, crispy speck, chilli jam and mojo verde. This dish really kick-started the ol’ taste buds at 9am. The fritters were a total dream with a crunchy outer shell and a rich and cheesy filling, masterfully accompanied with crispy as crispy speck and a tasty chilli jam. A flavour combination I’d be more than happy to enjoy again!

Little add-ons make F & F extra special – from the oggle worthy sweet treats displayed at the counter, to the ‘Baby Bar’ menu items for babies and kiddo’s who enjoy a breakfast bite with their babycinos.

IT’S OFFICIAL, there’s another bloody brills breaky joint in town. Ya’ll better get there now before Broadsheet ruins it with a rave!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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