Winter Cocktail & Menu Launch, 2KW Bar and Restaurant, Level 8, 2 King William Street, ADELAIDE.

The change of season brings more than just a change of weather. There’s a change of wardrobe, a change of routine and a change in your electricity bill, but the change I’m really excited about, is the change in menus! *the crowd roars* All across this fine city of ours, I can hear chefs muttering frustrated words whilst trying to get the balance of flavours in a new dish juuuuust right, wait staff discussing how to pronounce ‘orecciette’ and printers spluttering out that exciting new list of things for us to eat and drink!

2KW is one of many spots that have now finalised their winter menu, but it’s the only place that invited me to their Winter Menu Launch so who cares about the rest I say!

You guys know 2KW, THE rooftop bar in town. And if you can’t get a killer cocktail at a rooftop bar, I mean, is it even a rooftop bar? For their new winter menu, 2KW has launched 4 new and inspired cocktails. We got to try them. I didn’t hate it.

My favourite new beverage on offer had to be the ‘Ladies Who Lunch’, a fresh yet dry drop with gin, sherry, rhubarb and Beerenberg plum jam – slightly sweet but not at all sickly with an unexpected hit from the sherry. I could drink these all damn day – I just need to find a rich partner to support me in my dream of becoming a full time ‘eater and drinker’ first.

My least favourite cocktail was the Vencermos #2 which was described as an Asian twist on the classic pina colada with coconut rum, agave, pineapple and sesame. I thought this fell a little flat, conjuring memories of loose nights at Mansions with 12 dollar Illusion jugs, rather than a poolside cocktail on an exotic Asian getaway.

I think some people tend not to pay much attention to 2KW’s swanky restaurant with exquisite food as they trot outside to catch the view but I’ll tells ya, it shouldn’t be missed. We tried some of their new winter bites on offer and they were the stuff of winter warmer dreams.

My favourite dish was the cream corn polenta, speck, chestnut, mushroom and egg yolk. It’s an impressive balance to crack when you have a dish that looks super la-dee-da but still conjures that ‘comfort food’ feel. This was so warming and delish I had to fight the desire to rub my belly after the final forkful.

Well it appears 2KW has come up with more inspired booze and bites for this season’s menu. I think I’ve found an excuse to get back there in the near future!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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  1. OMG I still haven’t been to 2KW yet! But after seeing this I really need to make sure I go to check out their winter menu! Is it super cold on the rooftop? Great write up 🙂


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