10 Things I’m Really Loving Right Now

The weather here is colder than your ex-girlfriend’s heart, so here’s a list of things I’ve been loving in the colder months. Snuggle up with an energy efficient heater and a cup of organic Matcha and enjoy!

The Keepers on Netflix – Ohh lordy, you better block out 7ish hours for this bad boy cause I literally could …not….stop! The Keepers is a chilling docuseries exploring the unsolved murder of a young and vivacious nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. The series follows 2 of Cathy’s former students in their investigations, revealing sexual abuse within their school and church, potential suspects and what may be a creepy-ass cover up. If you were all over Serial and Making A Murder, then you will drink this up like a cocktail on a summer holiday. SO GOOD.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – At it again with the unsolved murders! Someone Knows Something is a podcast directed by Canadian born filmmaker and writer David Ridgen. Each season (2 so far!) dives into someone’s mysterious disappearance, undertaking investigations in an effort to crack the case. I prefer Season 2 but they are both in-depth and well presented.

Autumn leaves – The weather is becoming more and more grim but at least we have the (instagrammable) beauty of the browning Autumn leaves to enjoy! There’s certainly something a little bit special about the changing of seasons. New opportunities on the horizon perhaps?!

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon – A super quick and enjoyable read – they even chuck in a twist at the end which caught me totally by surprise. Everything Everything is the story of a teenage girl who is allergic to well, everything. She spends her days and nights cooped up in her air-locked house, unable to venture out into the allergen filled word. It’s okay. That’s until a boy moves in next door and she realises all she’s been missing.

Slogan Tees – All about that slogan tee life at the moment and on the lookout for some new additions to the wardrobe. Currently loving this Topshop number and treated myself to this Ganni tee which I’ve been tucking into some straight leg jeans. Which slogan tees have you been wearing to death?

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – Bringing back an ol’ luxe classic with the hand balm of all hand balms. I love to keep this lavish lotion on my desk and smooth it over my hands and cuticles whenever I feel the need. This stuff is so nourishing on the skin and the mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedarwood scent is ohhhhh so fancy!

Sundays at Curious Squire – We were lucky enough to get a solid slice of sun last Sunday and we decided to bask in it all we could with lunch al fresco at the Curious Squire. And what better way to bask than with a burger in hand, am I right? Their cheeseburger was a crispy patty heaven!

Yoga with Adriene –  It feels great to get some exercise done before you head off to work but I honestly don’t have the motivaish to leave the house at 6 am. This is why the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel is perffff for me. I wake up, roll out of bed and jump on the mat for half an hour before starting my day. Feeling that little bit more limber is a real pleasure when you have to sit at a desk for a bunch of hours.

Make-up Bag – Purchased myself this cute cosmetics bag to hold all of my skincare products. One of my favourite parts of my evening routine is to lay out all my skincare on the bed and watch something on my laptop whilst I tone and moisturise. The simply things in life.

Meal prep – Meal planning is nothing new to me. I love to crank out my excessive cookbook collection, choose a couple recipes, write an ingredients list and head to the shops. What has changes, is that I have then been doing all the meal prep on Sundays instead of intermittently throughout the week. Man, not having to cook midweek is such a time-saver. Loving this new way to get it done!

So these are all the things I’ve been loving at the mo! Let me know what you’ve been into lately. Comment below!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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