11 places to dine for a special occasion

People are endlessly asking me for dinner recommendations. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation shindig or really any occasion under the sun, people want to know…where is a special place to eat? Well, this post is more for myself than anyone else as from now, I can just send them this link! So these are the places I love to go when the occasion is a little bit spesh.

  1. 2KW – Sure, this place is known for it’s rooftop bar with a swanky ass view but what I really adore about this place is the food. It…is….damn…good. Sprinkle that with some A++ service and some killer cocktails and you have yourself a perfect special occasion location. MUST TRY – the side of salt and vinegar potatoes. I don’t play favourites with my potatoes, but these creations were superb.
  2. Le Bonne Table – Maybe not one of the most hyped restaurants in town but a fabulous place to go when you want a little touch of fancy. I’m a big fan of their meat dishes and they also have a pretty solid wine list. Plus it’s French, so you can order a side of fries and feel Pari chic!
  3. Cliché Exhibition – Another spot to put a little French frill on your special rendezvous! Cliché is a hip restaurant SLASH gallery with the best bloody beef cheeks in town. A delightful dinner locaish for a special birthday or occasion and it won’t clear out your bank account. Win-win!
  4. Ruby Red Flamingo – Stashed away in Tynte Street, North Adelaide, Ruby Red Flamingo is a stellar choice for a group dinner with a ‘feed me’ option that will keep every guest satisfied. A bit of antipasti, meat, pasta and Bobs your uncle – the masses are satisfied and suitably impressed.
  5. Press* Food and Wine – Looking for a special place to impress a date? Then Press is going to be your first phone call. The romance is real here folks with dim lighting and indulgent food to gobble down whilst you cheers to a special relationship milestone.
  6. Osteria Oggi – This beautiful place has to be one of my favourite all time spots in this food-filled city of ours. Oggi’s has a nice swanky vibe without being totally up themselves. Fresh pasta is the name of the game here so if it’s a special date night ensure a stretchy waistband.
  7. Peel St – The darling of the West End, Peel St always serves up fresh and inspired food. Love this spot for a delightful dinner with friends followed by some drinks at any of the pumping small bars close by. Feed me option is always a winner for larger groups.
  8. Sean’s Kitchen – With a clean, modern, New York style interior and plenty of drool inducing items on the menu, Sean’s Kitchen is certainly something a little special. You really must try the 1.1kg lamb shoulder which falls off the bone and melts in the mouth. Two thing I love my meat to do!
  9. Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar – Nothing says ‘special occasion’ better than the best beef carpaccio in town. It is truly a triumph. Andre’s is a touch more on the casual side but the high, high quality of feed conjures the sense of occasion. Even if that special occasion is just you gaining 2-3 kilos.                                                                      
  10. Windy Point Restaurant – My last visit to Windy Point restaurant was on my birthday last year. We ordered the degustation and then we just left the car at the top and rolled ourselves down the hill. Man, that was a lot of spectacular food and of course, that view. It doesn’t get any better than that in Adelaide.
  11. Fish Head – Inject a little somethin’ exotic into your special night out with some Asian fusion from Fish Head. A beautiful interior paired with impeccable service and robust flavours make for an memorable night out. An ideal locaish for an intimate dinner on a cold winter’s night.

And there you have it my friends, a little list to bookmark and glance back at when you’re planning your next special dinner out! Feel free to thank me with an invitation to said special occasion. I’ll take any excuse to head to these spots!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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