East Borough Eatery, 96 Glen Osmond Rd, PARKSIDE.

Last weekend we decided to head east for our eggs and with the news of spectacular reviews coming from the newly opened East Borough Eatery, we had to check the place out. With the building’s previous tenants being the famous Bar 9, these guys certainly have big breakfast shoes to fill.

After taking a look around the new spot,  I was immediately digging the vibe. A chic interior primarily featuring light wood with shades of black and white. There were also some small rustic accents including unsealed wooden bench tops and industrial style lighting. It’s starting to look like there’s only one person in Adelaide who designs café interiors, creating a bit of a same/same phenomenon ’round town but hey, the #basicbitch with a shit tonne of Kmart interiors ain’t gonna judge. It’s pleasant all the same.

The menu has all the bells and whistles that a hip brunch goer in mum jeans could ask for. Bakery bits, classic eggs n’ toast, sweet treats as well as some ‘from 12’ options for the lunch goers.

My gal pal ordered the Eggs Benny with poached eggs, silver beet and hollandaise with Barossa bacon. She was more smitten with her meal  than her last Tinder date, announcing this a ‘special’ dish. She particularly lufffed the point of difference with the silver beet and the creamy homemade hollandaise.

Unable to decide between sweet or savory, I decided to f*ck it and order both. First up were poached eggs with a side of bacon and avocado. The smashed av was an absolute delight, made from a perfectly ripe and creamy avocado. I’m not too sure what else was in this tasty concoction (a squeeze of lime, a sprinkle of salt perhaps?!) but it was killer. The bacon was top notch quality however not ‘crispy’ as requested. My life’s quest for crispy bacon is an ongoing battle and one you can read about in my latest memoir ‘The Crispy Side of Life’ available in all good bookstores.

For the somethin’ sweet, I decided to splash out with the Iced VoVo hotcakes with rhubarb, strawberries, caramelised milk powder, maple mascarpone and coconut. When I saw this dish travelling to my table, I had to hold back the urge to execute a full blown ‘touch down’ a la Mark Holden circa ’03. That says a lot coming from an Adelaidian spoilt for breakfast choice.

These babies were literally a walk down memory lane, perfectly replicating the taste of that classic Aussie biscuit. The pancakes were fluffy, the rhubarb was poached to perfect consistency and the toasted coconut took the whole thing nek level. This is a dish to be ogled at and devoured with gusto.

So it appears that lightening can, in fact, strike twice at that magical building on Glen Osmond Rd. Gather one, gather all, this is a good one.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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