Burger Theory – Flinders Tavern, Level 1, The Hub, Flinders University, Sturt Road, BEDFORD PARK.

Okay so *NEWSFLASH* Flinders Uni is hip now. Yeh, I didn’t know either and to be honest, I’m feeling a little jaded about the whole thing because when I studied at Flinders there were tumbleweeds rolling through the unipub and the best options for eats were Subway or an Asian joint popular among students who hadn’t started an assignment yet and were hoping for a bout of food poisoning to facilitate a much needed extension.

When we headed to the ol’ stomping ground recently, it was pretty clear, pretty quickly that this place had undergone a major upgrade. I’m talking hip cafes all over the joint, a newly reno-ed unipub and a freakin’ outdoor amphitheater/cinema showing classic 80’s flicks! Why couldn’t they have started this ‘Princess Diaries’ transformation a little sooner so I could enjoy it?! Yes, I’m good at making things about me.

I’m pleased to report that the wiz-bangers behind Burger Theory decided to try out something new at their Flinders burger branch – delving into the world of Pizza. A deep dish Detroit style mother that will send you directly to carb n’cheese heaven without even asking whether you’ve broken any commandments. #sinnersbliss

Man-oh-man, I have been dreaming about this pizza since my eyes ogled it. Firstly, the base is thicker than Ron Jeremy but much more appetising. The dough is heavy and doughy almost like damper disguised as a focaccia. I am a fussy dough girl and I was all… over ….it.

Another reason to love this pizza more than your annoying Aunt Marge is that the sauce goes ON TOP of the toppings. This means minimum sloppiness with none of that whole ‘one bite and all the topping slides off’ situation. The cheese is well stuck to that doughy, doughy goodness. This is pretty much a match made in pizza heaven for me because I’m diggin’ what the sauce adds but don’t like things to get too sloppy.

Another reason to love this literal slice of heaven is the cheese. It’s classically stringy and delicious, plus it’s laid thick. One of my favourite parts is that the deep dish facilitates a crunchy cheese dough edge. It’s pretty much a large amount of the very best part of a cheese toastie.

The pizzas are completely humongous. Cut into 6 epic slices which are pretty much 1 serve each means you’ve got at least 4 if not 6 servings in each pizza – not bloody bad when the whole thing will set you back 20 to 24 bucks.

Guys, this pizza is the stuff of dreams. Do yourself a favour and go and get one and annoy your friends and family by telling them over and over and over again just how damn good they are. I know I am.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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