Guys, the Cellar Door Wine festival is this weekend…

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So the Adelaide ‘sweet spot’ is finally here. I’m talking about that time when every event that ever happens in Adelaide is rolled into 2 busy ass months. I’m excited, for sure, but I’m also just a little tired and broke at the prospect.

Despite the fact that we will all be forced to miss out on some of the awesome stuff going on in this fine state of ours, there is one things I beg of you not to skip – the Cellar Door Wine Festival baby!

When I received a cheeky email in my inbox inviting me to a media night previewing some of the offers at the Cellar Door Wine Festival I was like ‘You’re kind of wasting your time because I’m already 100% into this event buuuuuutttt YEH, I’m keen!’

I’ve been to the Cellar Door Festival the last 2 years and had an absolutely brills time. There are literally SO many wine labels to explore and you can really just spend the whole day pottering around and swilling ALL THE WINES. I may have been very close to throwing up in an Uber last year so trust me when I say, there are a lot of wines. Not only do you get to try an absolute boatload of plonk but they have really branched our and incorporated beers, ciders and spirits as well as some killer food offerings.

Our first stop on the media night was an ‘Art of Spritzer’ masterclass run by a gent from Man of Spirit. This guy knows everything there is to know about anything alcoholic and he did a great job at passing on a little snippet of spritzer knowledge to the guests. Also…we got to drink what we made so it was full marks from me!

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Stop two was The Henry Austin. I’ve shared a bottle of wine down in their cellar/bottle-o thang but I’m yet to try their food. After tasting a few canapés at the event however, it’s certainly risen to the top of my ‘must try’ list. They were divine. While we were there, we had a chat with a fellow from Vinteloper which was informative and delicious (I’m talking about the wine not the presenter just FYI). We also had a chance to devour one of the most amazing macaron pops EVAAA. Handmade by Sugar Man Patisserie and inspired by the classic Golden Gay Time. Dear lord they were good.

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Lucky last stop on the tour was Ambra Liqueurs in Thebarton. I recently heard about this hidden gem from a friend who went to one of their Friday night functions so I was super pleased to be checking this place out. Ambra Liqueurs offers a range of locally crafted, handmade liqueurs and they were absolutely decadent. I particularly enjoyed a choc-orange creation which I slurped back with gusto. Our drinks were also paired with some sweet treats by Red Cacao, including salted caramel milk truffles which were fit for royalty.

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I had such a great night tasting some of Adelaide’s local food and beverage talents and suprise, surprise, they will all be at the Cellar Door Wine Festival this weekend for you guys to have a gawk. A perfect event for people who appreciate the food and beverage superstars in SA, as well as people who just like drinking wine a whole lot. Let’s not forget that.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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