Bakmi Lim Noodle Project, 4/8 Waymouth Street, ADELAIDE.

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When I scored an invite to a blogger’s dinner thang at Bakmi Lim Noodle Project, I was hella ready to get oodles of noodles into this ever-expanding belly of mine.

Bakmi Lim is right in the hub of the CBD. I’m talking Waymouth Street juuust up from King William. It really doesn’t get more ‘hub’ than that. A perfff locaish for all you CBD worker bees looking for a lunchtime treat that will leave you full and satisfied.

Arriving at the event I was impressed by the small and trendy spot. Simply put, a pleasant place to be whether it’s for a quick takeaway pick-up or a relaxed casual dinner.

As soon as we were all seated and (hopefully!) starving, the food began to roll out.

We started with a selection of beautiful, pillowy bao. I chowed down the roast pork option with zealous ferocity, loving every bite. The crunchy, fresh carrot and cucumber cut through the fat of the crispy pork beautifully making a delicious, well-balanced bite. In a rock, paper, and scissors kind of karma – the fat of the pork also cut through my red MAC lipstick….so the pork got his back.

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After the bangin’ bao we were each presented with our noodle bowl of choice. Once again, I went with the pork option because…crackling.

There are plenty of noodle joints around the CBD, particularly in the Gouger region but what sets this place apart is the fresh, handmade noodles created on sight e’rrrey morning by a dedicated noodle chef. You can really taste the difference in the end product and I loved the spinach infused noodles in my bowl.

The combination pork was also bloody amazing with the BBQ pork packing plenty of flavour and the roast pork being super juicy. Sometimes it’s hard to find a roast pork that isn’t overly fatty. No such problem here.

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We were also served up some standard sides including boiled and crispy wantons and beef meatballs. Great accompaniments for the main attraction.

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This is defs a place I would be keen to hit up for a casual dinner or a mid-week lunch treat. Loved the home-made noodles and luuuh-uh-uhhhved the roast pork. Undoubtedly a ‘sometimes’ lunch spot though given that it’s not the healthiest option in town and the combination pork noodle bowl will cost you $15.50 a pop.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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