9 Things I’m Really Loving Right Now

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Appetites Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain – Anthony Bourdain is undoubtedly one of my top culinary crushes. He’s a cool dude with a no bullshit approach to preparing a dish and I was super excited at the prospect of him releasing his first cookbook in 10 years. We tried his spag bol recipe a few weeks back and it was a total winner.  I know I’m going to be hitting this cookbook up on the reg!

Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Chips – I am such a sucker for all things potato and these chippies fried in avocado oil are no exception. They are SO thick and crunchy plus I bought them in a health food shop so they are clearly extremely good for you too. Riiiiiiiiiight? I really like the different flavour made from the avocado oil. Somebody really must stop me with these!
My Dad Wrote A Porno – Jamie’s father wrote an erotic novel and what better way to cringe over it than to read it out loud to a couple of mates on a podcast! Each ep has me laughing my head off. It is seriously that funny. I’ve been listening to this gem on the tram, in the car, in the kitchen while I cook dinner and even in the shower. I can’t believe I’m almost outta new eps! 

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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – This book is the epitome of cute teen romance. Anna is an American gal whose father has packed her bags and sent her off to boarding school in Paris.  There, she meets St Clair, dreamy St Clair, who is the ultimate in teen crush material. Okay, okay and adult crush material if I’m entirely honest! This book is a will they/wont they story that will send your heart fluttering. I wish I could read it all again for the first time.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater – When the weather hots up I love to add a refreshing facial spray to the skincare routine. This Mario Badescu spray is perfect as it’s moisturising and calming on my skin. I bought this facial spray last year whilst in Hawaii and now every time I smell that sweet rose scent I think of pristine beaches and epic burgers. Take me back!

Starting a record collection – I was a lucky girl last Christmas and the BF bought me a bangin’ record player. Now, I have an excuse to spend too much money building a record collection! There is something kind of special about listening to music on vinyl so I can’t wait to have a nice little selection of my favourite music on hand. I have a Beatles album on route right now. Hurry up Mr Postman!

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The Crown on Netflix – When someone recommended The Crown to me I was a little apprehensive but then I got to thinkin’ about how into Downton Abbey I was, I decided that it might be right up my alley. It so was. The actor who plays Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy is super talented. Hurry up season 2!
Yoga – It was well past time that I got back into some sort of workout class and I’m a sucker for some shavasana. I’ve been hitting up the seven forty five classes and I love how it clears my mind and winds me down for a restful sleep.
Having people round for dinner – One of our new years resolutions was to entertain more often and it’s been going really well so far. It’s nice to plan a little dinner with your partner and have some pride in presenting your home. Next dinner we are thinking fish tacos. Yaaaaass.
What are you currently loving? Comment below and let me know!
Until next time…That’s what she said.

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  1. I’m so upset that the Mario Badescu Rose water spray didn’t work out for me! I loved the scent of it, it felt hydrating, but it just ended up breaking me out. I’m not sure why… On a side note, I love that picture of all your favorites! So cute.


  2. You’ve just reminded me I’ve been meaning to listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno for ages so Thankyou haha! I’ve written a post about things I’ve been loving in February if you fancy a read x


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