Fudd’s, 3/40 Sandpiper Crescent, ABERFOYLE PARK.

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Like a teenage boy who tells his parents he’s thinking about becoming a priest, I myself am also going through a phase. My calling however, is much more holy as it involves a message from the food gods. A message that reverberates in my ear: EAT MORE BURGERS.


And  eat more burgers is exactly what we did last week when we hopped into the Mazzy 2 and travelled the 45 minutes to a well-known burger joint: Fudd’s.
Fudd’s interior screams ‘we serve burgers and wings here!’ I’m talking red leather seats, sports on the telly and wooden floors ideal for when a slippery tomato slice ejects from bun to floor. The place has a ‘dude food’ vibe….one which I will gladly stomach if it means I get some good grub. 

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Pleeeennnty of burgers to choose from here with at least a dozen listed on the menu. If you can’t find something at Fudd’s then you just don’t like burgers. There are also some starters to kick off the feast.

First up we got a little Christina Aguilera up in there with a big ol’ bowl of dirrty fries. What are dirty fries you ask? Seasoned chips topped with Fudd’s sauce, caramelised onion and melted cheddar. THEY. WERE. BRILLS. The sauce went so well with the tasty cheddar and perfectly caramelised onions. I gobbled these down ferociously whilst I pondered just how many times I slut-dropped to Dirrrty in my younger years. 63 at least.

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Wings were next up with a tasting plate of all sauces on offer – hot chili, BBQ plum, and ranch topped with chopped spring onion. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get why wings would be served whole if they are impossible to eat that way. If a wing is more sauced then a bloke on Australia day then how is it possible to pull them apart with your hands without making a giant mess? They really need to be served with the lil’ wing bit and the mini drumstick bit separate so you can bite straight into them. The sauces were pretty solid however most of it was consumed by licking it off my hands.

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Next it was burger time. We went with a ‘Hot & Spicy’ with beef, American cheddar, chargrilled capsicum, jalapeños, red onion, rocket, lettuce and Fudd’s hot sauce. The consensus was that the burger was good, really good with fresh ingredients and a solid flavour combination. We found the patty to be a little on the dry side though.

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All in all I con confidently conclude that Fudd’s shit is certainly legit. Will I be driving up there again? Probably not. But if it was my local, we might be on a first name basis.
Until next time… That’s what she said.

Fudd's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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