The MAC Lipsticks I’m Ditching

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When the New Year rolls around, I like to use my post holiday energy to refocus and get started on some goals for the year. One of these goals (okay, okay – for the last few years. Woops!) is to declutter. Because living in a space filled with loads o’ crap just ain’t a fun time!

In the last five years or so I’ve hit MAC lipsticks harder than ouzo shots on a greek vacay. Mattes, lustres, satins, amplifieds, you name ‘em, I’ve got ‘em. I really just couldn’t say no to any of these little black bullets of beauty. I mean come on…just look at them!

I have, however, come to the realisation that these spoilt lips of mine do not need 70 different shades to choose from when they are getting dressed in the morning so in an attempt to live a less cluttered life, I’ve decided it’s time. Time…. to cull.

Now let’s be clear, this is no easy feat. Honestly, I’d rather do a Facebook cull because at least some people deserve the clip. These little babies never did anything to me! Okay, okay, I’m getting emotional. I have to be heartless if I have any chance of getting this done. So here are the ones I’m bidding farewell:

Creme Dnude – Attempting to disguise ones lips with a shade the same colour as foundation is really no longer a thing….and it shouldn’t be. I  don’t know how I thought I could pull this one off with skin as pale as mine. So long you muted mistake!

All Fired UpVery into this bold pinkish red shade but it just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to formula. This lippy is so dry it’s like using a hard crayon to tint your lips. Auf wiedersehen ol’ chap!

Dangerous – Same goes with this orangey red stunner I’m afraid.  This bad boy is so drying that my lips are just screaming for moisture within a few hours of application. I’m all for a little bit of suffering for beauty but this one just isn’t worth the hassle.

St Germaine – Never has a lipstick shade made one’s teeth look so appallingly grey! I vow I shall never adorn my lips with a pastel shade ever again. Goodbye bad decision.

Pink Pearl Pop– I don’t doubt that life in plastic can indeed be fantastic however Barbie pink lips are really not what I’m about. That is of course except for that one time I was in MAC and decided that this shade is exactly what I’m about.  This lipstick ain’t makin’ the cut.

Which colours are you ditching this year? I think it’s better to have an edited number of lipsticks you love then a huge load of lippys you have to sift through to find your favs.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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