2KW Bar and Restaurant, Level 8, 2 King William Street, ADELAIDE.


Summer is the time when we rub our groggy eyes and venture out from our winter hibernation. A time when we say ‘Hey friends, remember me!’ and organise to gather together and bask in the beautiful sun that we missed so dearly.

This week is hitting the high 30’s again and what better way to lap up this glooooorious weather than to soak up some sun with a dynamite cocktail in hand… and on a rooftop no less!

2KW Bar and Restaurant has been on my radar for quite some time for serving up some of the best god-dayyyymn, gob-smackingly delectable food in town. What has only recently come to my attention however is just how brills the cocktails are too so when I got an invite to go check out their new summer menu… I was all over it.

Some sample sips of the next cocktail list were brought around for invitees to taste and they were all super unique and tasty. I particularly loved ‘Two Lifts’ a potent concoction with aperol showing the drinker just how vibrant and refreshing it can be on a hot afternoon.


The only thing more impressive than the beverages is, of course, the view. Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide, Government House – it’s all there to admire as well as some Rear Window style spying into the office buildings across the street.

2KW is really selling it’s Sunday afternoon sessions at the moment and it seems Adelaide is picking up what they are putting down with a busy and happening enough vibe to almost make you forget that work is juuuust around the corner.

Definitely one for your summer time watering hole list!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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