C.R.E.A.M, 4/49 Jetty Road, BRIGHTON.

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Slap bang in the middle of Jetty Road in Brighton, C.R.E.A.M is the perfect spot when the sunny weather comes out to play and damn, has it been playing hard to get this year! The eateries décor is bright and white with wooden accents and a subtle ‘by the sea’ vibe. You wont see any ‘blue and white with anchors on every available surface’ but there is something that suggests beach – maybe it’s just the salt in the air. With little hints of hip-hop spattered around the place we can see this place has a bit of character…aaand the owners are into hip-hop. OBVS.

Like the decor, the menu is also a little different with some killer menu items you won’t see on any other menus around this fine brunch-filled city of ours.

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I reeeaaalllyy couldn’t go past the hotcake stack with maple bacon because seeing the words ‘maple’ and ‘bacon’ together gives me a massive food boner. This plate o’ grub really is an epic one with super thick and tasty pancakes topped with a generous mountain of maple bacon drizzled with maple syrup and, of course, a little bottle on the side for extra maple application.

This dish was about as filling and sickly as it looks but holy moly was it good! If you’ve already tried the combination of bacon and maple syrup then I’m really just preaching to the converted but for those who are yet to experience this heavenly combination – you are living a half life my friends. A HALF LIFE. The only negative about this dish was that I found the pancakes to be too heavy and doughy which isn’t overly noticeable given that they will be absolutely drowning in maple syrup anyway but I would have enjoyed them more if they were lighter and fluffier.

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The boyfie went with the donut breakfast sandwich piled up with eggs, bacon, tomato, Californian red cheddar, cos lettuce, potato rosti, mayo and tomato sauce. He decided to switch out the donut for a bagel because he is a bagel lovin’ boy and he thought it might all be a bit too much with the donut. I’m usually of the opinion that ‘it’s never enough’ when it comes to epic plates such as these but we all have our limits! The dish was definitely a winner with the crispy, heavenly potato rosti really showing off for the crowd. The boyfie thought they should have skipped on the tomato sauce and just rolled with the mayo so maybe they should think about delegating the condiment to the side of the plate. Other than that…I mean…. just look at it #hearteyes.

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I couldn’t finish off this write-up without throwing a bit of gratitude at the C.R.E.A.M team. Seriously friendly and attentive service with plenty of genuine interaction making it that much more pleasant to hand over my (okay the boyfie’s) hard-earned.

Will defs be heading back to C.R.E.A.M over the next few months…because who doesn’t like a side of ‘Fuck the Police’ with their bacon n’ eggs?

Until next time…That’s what she said,

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