Eire Cafe, Shop 2, 98 Springbank Road, CLAPHAM.

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My obsession with overpriced eggs continues with my latest brunch locaish, Eire Café. Located on Springbank Rd in Clapham, this place is hidden away from all the breakfast/brunch hubbub of the city and beach. Eire Cafe doesn’t rely on it’s scenery (just a car park to view here folks!) but on it’s food. And I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say… that’s the most important part.

The menu offers standard breaky fare including eggs as you like and french toast however they’ve also thrown a few foodie spanners in the works with the addition of cornbread and a few other unusual items. A brunch menu with a few surprises is a cherished gem so I was impressed at first glance.

Like the predictable eater I am, I ordered the smashed av with feta and chilli on homemade bread with a side of KFC Haloumi. Yes, you read that right… KFC HALOUMI. The smashed av itself was pretty standard however I really loved the homemade bread. I gabbed on about how much I love homemade bread in my Hibernia Café review and I still completely agree with my former self. Trust me, I rarely find her to be incorrect. Homemade bread is the bomb and I totally appreciate the extra effort when café’s do it themselves. Well done ol’ chap.

I could probably write an entire blog post dedicated to my love of KFC haloumi but allow me to keep it brief. Just imagine a soft, gooey chunk o’ cheese cooked to perfection. Then cover it with the crispy coating of a piece of KFC original recipe chicken. What you have my friends, is a masterpiece. Nuff said.

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My brunchin’ bestie went for scrambled eggs with a side of hollandaise and a hash brown. Both sides were a delight and appeared to be homemade. She also appreciated the attention to detail with the addition of herbs in the scramble. An A grade plate right there.

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Although the setting for this tale I call “Me and cheese – a love story” was pleasant, we found ourselves a little underwhelmed by the décor. A little hip-cafe-in-2005 vibe. Suffice to say, I think some aspects need an update. But hey, it’s a minor complaint when the food it so damn delish.

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Totes enjoyed this hidden haloumi heaven and no doubt I’ll be back for more!

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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