10 Things I’m Really Loving Right Now


You know the drill…here’s what I’ve been loving since, you know, my last post about what I’ve been loving.

Bloodline on Netflix– Bloodline is a thriller SLASH drama series that will have you exclaiming ‘ARE YOU F*CKING FOR REALS?’ at least 3 times per ep. Suffice to say… I dig. Death, drugs, family money disputes and the worst brother going ’round means plenty of meaty plot goodness to sink your teeth into. BRB starting Season 2.

The Martian – I wouldn’t say I’m a Sci-Fi gal when it comes to book choices but I’d heard some good things about this novel so I decided to give it a crack and man-oh-man, I’m glad I did! I’m sure you all know the plot from the man god’s (AKA Matt Damon’s) latest flick of the same name. Although there’s plenty of science-y mumbo jumbo in it, which I actually really enjoyed, what I really loved was the main character – such a likeable and relatable fella that you really can’t help cheer on. A series of little heart attacks in the last 50 pages is guaranteed.

New Louis Theroux mug – Still not over getting to see Louis Theroux LIVE a few months back. I pretty much love anything the guys touches when it comes to doco’s so I just couldn’t stop myself from turning into a major fangirl and buying ALL THE SHOW MERCH. Okay just a mug and a tote, but that’s a lot for someone who thinks spending 30 bucks on a program is nothing short of insanity. Seriously…look how cute it is!

Madeleine Shaw’s Get the Glow cookbook – I made a smoked salmon omelette from this cookbook the other day and it really made me fall in love with Madeleine’s recipes all over again. It was so simple and luxurious! I’m also really into all of Madeleine’s content including her Youtube channel and Insta. Her cheery personality never fails to put me in a good mood.

Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque by Keihl’s – The reason why this mask is so ace is because it has the benefits of a clay mask which will clean out your pores like no other as well as physical exfoliation from the cranberry seeds leaving your skin bright and smooth. I’ve only used this one a few times but I think it might be a contender to knock the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque off the top spot!

Nordburger – Nailed a Nordburger on the weekend and man, they are nothing short of a good tastebud time! I really froth off the thin and crispy patty as well as that finger licking good NORD sauce. Put me in a bath filled with NORD sauce and I’d be one happy lady.

Criminal podcast – I’m a total lover of all things crime. Like, I’m pretty sure I should be awarded a detective’s badge after all the hard thinking I did on the Making a Murderer case. Each Criminal ep is something unexpected but always with a crime element and always super interesting.

Desert Trip mix – Dessert Trip Festival had to be THE highlight of my year! Watching Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Neil Young perform totally blew my socks off. Since arriving home, I’m still living off the high of the festival with my own little Desert Trip playlist on my phone. Can confirm I’ve listened to Like a Rolling Stone at least 30 times since my return. #praisehands

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy – I’m pretty into the subtle sophistication of rocking a nude lip and ‘Velvet Teddy’ is my current go-to. It’s a beautiful deep beige tone in a matte consistency which makes it perf for a work lippy that will last most of the day. What more could a working wo-man ask for?!

Warmer weather – There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and not having to endure the dreaded whoosh of icy air when you finally psych yourself up enough to pull back the doona cover. Sure, I spend most of the summer months covering up my pale skin whilst hiding away in the shadows but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a pleasant beach walk and alfresco dining once the sun goes down. Bring on those warm nights!

Is anyone else a big Criminal listener? I’d like to hear what other podcasts are worth checking out!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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