Sunnys Shop, 106b Prospect Road, PROSPECT.


If you live in the Prospect area then kudos to you sirs and madams because you are living in an enviable food hub.

So much so, that often we find ourselves making the trek over to the other side of town just to gobble down some of the quality fare P-town has to offer. The most recent of which being Sunnys Shop.

Sunnys Shop is an Asian fusion, canteen style establishment with an interior as vibrant as the flavours in their food. The place is a modern, eclectic kind of spot which is a total pleasure to be in. Super minimal seating available inside but plenty out the front and down the side of the building which is workable however not ideal when a chill sets in.


The dinner menu is concise however don’t delude yourself in thinking this means making your food selection will be easy. Trust me, it wont be.

First up, we went for a coupla’ ‘Smalls’ – crispy chicken wings and steamed dumplings with red curry sauce.


The chicken wings were as stated – crispy. What the menu forgot to mention however was how gosh darn delicious they are. Salty, tender and moreish are words that come to mind. Double thumbs up.


I’m such a sucker for dumplings in red curry sauce. If it told me it would call and didn’t, I would still text back when it sent me an obvious late-night booty call two weeks later. SUCH a sucker.

The dish is reminiscent of the famous sea stars at Star of Siam except a little less flavoursome. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be adding them to my recent food porn reel which I like to play in my mind when I’m feeling down.


From the ‘Bigs’ we couldn’t not get the slow braised beef cheek with 5 spice and sweet soy. An Asian style beef cheek can be found at a number of eateries around town but I have to say, I’ve never had one this good. The meat was undeniably high quality with a low amount of sinewy stuff and fatty bits – just straight-up tasty and tender.


We also opted for the Pad Thai with prawn which was an absolute winner with bold flavours and fresh ingredients. Just look at the vibrancy of those mint leaves! I have so much ‘yes’ for this dish.

Simple food with big ass flavours – now that’s my kind of nosh.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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