The Robe Guide AKA All The Places I Ate On My Food Filled Weekend

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Playlist sorted, epic to-do list packed, pillow in the car and we were off for a sweet little getaway in this bloody fine state of ours. This time, we were off to Robe because I’d heard great things and I reeeaaally wanted to stay here which has gotta be the best Air BnB OF ALL TIME. Okay, okay maybs a slight exaggeration.

Arriving in Robe I knew I was going to see some stunning coastal views and a cute country town but what I didn’t expect was all the delectable food! Robe doesn’t just have the standard country pub and bakery fare, they have cafés and restaurants that would rival most in Adelaide. This city gal was impressed!

Due to the high level of food temptation, I spent the entirety of our three days in Robe eating…. and then planning where we would go for our next meal. By the end of it, I was fantasizing about what hungry feels like.

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The Vic Street Pizza Project was a total blessing when we arrived at our Air BnB as two hungry travellers. Just around the corner (as was basically everything!) with a solid selection of gourmet pizzas and a few pastas to boot, this place is a trendy joint that delivers the goods.

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On holidays – a leisurely breakfast is a must and No. 4 had us covered. The place is a complete delight with modern wood n’ iron furniture and succulents dotted about for some extra life.

Loved the décor but I would have been happy sitting on a cardboard box while I was gobbling down their mouth-watering eggs benny with a side of potato hash. Daaayyymm that hollandaise was more luxurious than a tropical vacay. Also, super down with the fact that they source as much as possible from local suppliers. We salute you.

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It seemed everyone around town was gabbing about Mahalia Coffee. This café produces it’s own coffee and roasts them on site. They also have a lovely selection of their own teas. The hipster in me really appreciates a dual purpose café and this part cafe/part wholesale factory site was pretty great.

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If you want to go seafood (and why wouldn’t you, the sea is like riiiight there!) then you’ve gotta go Sails. Sails Restaurant is known to be one of the best seafood joints in the state and I can see why with their impeccable service and dynamic dishes. All the food was bursting with flavour from their simple yet delectable grilled sourdough with garlic and chive butter to their rich fish stew. I would be hitting this place up on the reg if I lived in the area and had a much heavier wallet.

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Now of course a country trip ain’t complete without a trip to ye ol’ bakery. I love bakery food as much as any hi vis wearing man and the Robe Bakery and Coffee Lounge is a good’un. Sure, they were out of my favourite cheese, steak and bacon pie at twelve thirty and I wanted to tell the woman serving me to go and make some more before I flipped my freaking lid but I settled for a killer kransky and a pretty pink donut  and soon the bad feelings dissipated. Is there anything better than a fresh as f*ck donut from a country bakery? I sure as hell don’t think so.

Robe, you are filled with a bunch of foodie movers and shakers and you are a-ok with me.

Now please let me know – where are the best country bakeries at?

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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