What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix #2

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The weather’s still colder than your girlfriend’s mum and it’s times like these when some major snuggling on the couch takes place with your forever Bae, formerly known as Netflix. So here’s some gems I’ve been getting into while I wait for conditions to improve:

SCREAM – If you like the thrill and suspense of a classic horror movie then you’re going to enjoy this series as much as I did. A bunch of reckless teenagers are the target of a serial killer and they want to find out who’s behind that bloody (in more ways that one!) mask. I kept expecting a twenty-year-old Drew Barrymore to appear on screen but hey, you can’t will ‘em all. I did appreciate the hot cop from Third Watch making an appearance though so no complaints here!

Stranger Things – Ohh emm geee, I looooved this show! Not entirely proud that I smashed out the whole season in two sittings but the addiction was strong in me. It’s got amazing child actors, a killer sci-fi plot and it’s set in the 80’s. Nuff said really.

Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine – If you’re overdue for a solid cry then this one will undoubtedly get the tears flowin’. A documentary about the life and death of Matt Shepard, a 21 year old gay man who was brutally murdered in the town of Laramie, Wyoming. Fifteen years after his death one of Matt’s friends decided to make a documentary about the beautiful person behind the headline.

Fearless – Strap yourselves in for a gripping insight into the word of competitive bull riding! This has got to be one of the most dangerous sports to ever exist. I’m talking Colosseum battle type danger. Astounding cinematography that really made you feel like you were right there with the rider. It also made you feel bloody glad you weren’t.

Holy Hell – Not just the title of this documentary but also what you’ll be exclaiming throughout the entirety of this intriguing and chilling doco. This story of a West Hollywood cult that has been operating since the 1980’s will leave you utterly mind blown. Told from the perspective of an ex-member, we hear of his 20 years inside the cult and the shocking truths exposed relating to its leader. Scary stuff!

Under the Tuscan Sun – The ultimate in chick flick/feel-good viewing, when I spotted this film in the ‘recently added section’ I was all over it like the media on gory details. I watched this bad boy on a hangover and it managed to remind me that life goes on and pasta can heal your soul, which are vital beliefs to hold onto during a serious case of post drinking blues. Thanks Miss Lane!

So what have I missed? Let me know what your latest Netflix faves are in the comments below, or shoot me a tweet.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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  1. How GREAT was Stranger Things? The mood of that show was just incredible. I also started watching Under The Tuscan Sun the other week and definitely agree it had such a nice feel good movie, can’t wait to watch the rest this long weekend, as well as some of your doco recommendations! Another doco I’d recommend is “Audrie and Daisy” – very, very sad/dsitrurbing, but also incredibly riveting & well made. x


    • Stranger Things is the bomb and Under the Tuscan Sun is a total treat! haha Thanks for the recommendation on Audrie and Daisy, I just watched it and loved it…. in a disturbing way, haha thanks again for the comment and recommendations! x

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