Hibernia Cafe, 609 Magill Road, MAGILL.


The alternative title for this post should probably be ‘Hibernia Café is THE SHIT’ but that pretty much says it all and I know ya’ll want to hear all of my insightful observations so let’s stick with the original.

When I organised brunch with one of my oldest pals on a Saturday morning, I didn’t actually realise Hibernia was quite so far away. I knew it was on Magill Road but I didn’t know how far UP. Luckily, the discovery didn’t perturb me from going because the trip was surprisingly quick and the experience was surprisingly worth it.

Housed in an old bankish style building, the owners have taken full advantage of the stunning space with clean white walls and a modern/minimalist feel. Decorated like the drool-worthy Kmart interiors section, except with much higher quality pieces, this place is maaaaajorly on trend. Adelaide café’s take note – this is the kind of place people want to eat their eggs.


Like a gifted gigolo, Hibernia’s menu is guaranteed to satisfy. It has your usual eggs n’ things as well as a few unusual items to keep you intrigued. When I spotted the cornbread and KFC haloumi I wondered if the café was owned by the same peeps as Eire Café which is apparently the case. That reminds me, I need to add ‘gastro detective’ to my resume. Shit, I would be good at that job.


I ordered the avocado, feta, chili and lemon on house made bread because I’m a sucker for all things feta and I’m completely unoriginal. As soon as my friend brought to my attention that hashbrowns were available as a side I obviously had to get one of those too. The meal was a total pleasure however the thing that really set it apart was the home made bread. Who would have thought that a home made loaf would make such a difference! The bread was fluffy and crunchy and bloody fantastic.


My friend nailed her eggs benedict quicker than I could say ‘can I have a bite?’ Suffice to say, she was into it and I was a touch jealous because, hollandaise.


Expensive? Yes. More expensive than all the other hip breakfast joints in town? Nope. I personally think there needs to be a law passed that all breakfast sides cannot exceed three bucks fifty, so you might see me making a move into politics very soon. Until then, I’ll judge the breakfast against the market competish.

Loved this place and love how it wasn’t packed to the absolute brink with brunchers. So make sure you guys go and check it out… just don’t tell your friends about it.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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