Crack Kitchen, 13 Franklin Street, ADELAIDE.


Franklin Street has found itself a new resident and like seagulls to a hot chip, Adelaidians are flocking to it. Crack is where it’s at apparently, and so I saw for myself when I dropped by for a breakfast bite last weekend.

On arrival, it was immediately apparent that plenty of work had been done on the place and all of that work was ace. Of course you wouldn’t expect anything less from the owners/geniuses behind the one and only Loose Caboose AKA Breakfast Mecca.

With high ceilings, an abundance of natural light and a fresh minimal design, it’s a place you want to linger and soak up dem rays. A touch of Scandi in this fine city of ours.


Of course all the beautiful interiors in the world wont get people coming back unless the food is killer so let’s talk about what’s important – the grub.

The menu is composed of some standard ‘eggs on bread’ stuff with a sprinkling of creative gems inspired by the head chef’s British homeland including black pudding (thanks, but no thanks) and bubble and squeak. You’d be hard pressed locating anyone who couldn’t find at least one dish they were super jazzed about.


Obvs there is an innovative take on the classic smashed av because you are literally D.E.A.D to Adelaide brunchers if you omit this bangin’ dish. Accompanied with beetroot hummus, a poached egg, spiced seeds and lemon on sourdough, they’ve really taken it nek level.


Due to my need to order the most indulgent dish on the menu, I went for the Brioche Welsh Rarebit with ham hock, maple mustard mayo and a poached egg on brioche. The brioche was smothered within an inch of it’s life with the maple mustard mayo and I was all like ‘Woah, this looks so damn decadent, there’s no chance I’ll finish it all.’ Then about four minutes later I was all like ‘Hold on, who’s hidden the rest of my food?’ Apparently my stomach had.

The ham hock was juicy and tender, just how it should be and the brioche was the perfect choice of complimenting carb. DE-lish.


Once again the owners have proved they bloody well know how to do brunch, and lucky for us, we get to reap the benefits. Mwa ha ha!

Now somebody better tell those Gingerbread Pikelets they’re in trouble because those tasty batter-babes won’t stand a chance next time I stop by.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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