4 Reasons I’m Currently Digging Sheet Masks


They’re crazy quick to apply – Sometimes the thought of meticulously painting on a face mask is enough for me to chuck the idea in the ‘too hard’ basket. No problemo with a sheet mask as you can just shlap it on in 5 seconds flat!

They’re super moisturizing – As much as I love a good Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque, the clay base can really dry out my skin. I’ve found sheet masks are a perf alternative because they do an awesome job at clarifying the skin and also leaves it feeling super lubed. If you’re questioning whether you want your skin to be ‘super lubed’ trust me, you do. Usually I don’t bother with any serums or moisturisers after, I just take the mask off and massage the remaining moisture into my skin.

They’re a veritable pick n’ mix according to what your skin needs – As these sheets are a one time use only thang, you can choose a variety of sheet masks that focus on different skincare aspects such as clarifying or brightening. You can just check out your skin on the day and decide what it needs.

There’s no washing up – Peel it off and chuck it in the bin. Easy peasy!

I purchased the above masks from Urban Outfitters and was a real fan. I’d love to hear what your fav sheet mask is!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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