7 Top Picks for a Netflix Night In.


In a bid to save some shekels we’ve been staying in a bit more lately. And you know what staying home means…more time between the sheets! And you know what more time between the sheets means… Netflix! I know, I wanted that paragraph to end a little saucier too.

There’s so much to choose from on Netflix that I find myself spending an age aimlessly clicking about in an attempt to find something that’s calling my name. So for the sake of wasting more time watching TV and less time deciding what to watch, here’s some of my top Netflix picks!

Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful life coaches in the world and this killer doco takes you behind the scenes of Robbin’s annual intensive conference ‘Date with Destiny’. With 2,500 people attending the 6 day event there is plenty to witness. Couples break up, earth-shattering breakthroughs are had and Tony says ‘fuck’ approximately 126,000 times. What else could you ask for really?

Gilmore Girls

With Netflix announcing the release of some new Gilmore Girls eps, I’ve decided that I have to go for a full re-watch before they come out. I’m currently smashing through Season Three and Jess is still a total god. Also, it only took me about half of Season One to get over how truly lame it can be so I’m loving it!

Peaky Blinders

Me and the boyf are really digging this action-packed drama series set in 1919. The focus of the show is an English gangster family called (surprise, surprise!) the Peaky Blinders and follows the gun-toting mischief they get up to. Pretty grewsome stuff at times with a sprinkle of romance and family unity thrown in to soften the brutality. Our favourite part is the necessity to have a crack at their accents while we watch.

The Princess Bride

I just finished reading the novel of this epic tale (check out my review here) so I thought what better way to finish it off than to re-watch the film! Lucky for this lass, it’s available on Netflix! How can Robin Wright not have aged a day since 1987? She is a scientific anomaly that woman.


This doco is a super crazy story about two women who live in different parts of the world when they connect through the net and find out they are identical twins separated through adoption. It’s bizarre to see the girls meet for the first time and how quickly they form a powerful sibling bond. Bloody good watch!

Cruel Intentions

This classic flick takes me back to my teenage years of staying up late at sleepovers and watching what we thought were slightly risqué movies without our parents realizing. The movie that led every teenage girl at the time to believe that loosing ones virginity must occur only when Colourblind by Counting Crows was playing in the background. Or was that just me?

Team Foxcatcher

This one is a nail-biter! In a nut shell, it’s a doco about a rich guy called John DuPont who significantly funded the USA Wrestling team and built training facilities and residences for the athletes on his Pennsylvania property. John’s behavior became increasingly concerning until one day; it would cost one of the wrestlers his life. A bizarre story with a heartbreaking end.

Next up on the Netflix hitlist is Stranger Things as people seem to be loosing their long johns over that show.

What have you been netflixing lately? I’d love a good recommendaish!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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  1. Really like this post I have just finished Peaky Blinders loved it! Now I am just catching up with Pretty little liars I do love that, I love it when people share what they are watching on Netflix. Give me some ideas on what to watch, instead of scrolling around for ages, great post !!


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