The Market Shed on Holland, 1 Holland St, ADELAIDE.


For a girl who prides herself on having her finger on the Adelaide pulse, it’s hard to believe that until a few weekends ago I had never been to The Market Shed on Holland. Yes, I know, outrageous but hangovers stop me from doing things on Sundays – a fact that I am not particularly proud of but a fact all the same.

Of course I waited until a ridiculously gloomy morning for my MSOH deflowering but it was cool because it’s inside a shed (obvs).IMG_3802

As soon as the sound of folky tunes and the smell of freshly brewed turmeric milk hit my ears and nose respectively, I knew this was a place I’d be bugging the boyf to get back to. By the amount of peeps pouring into this shabby shed, it appeared I was not the only one!


At first I was picking up a similar vibe to the Adelaide Farmers’ Market with plenty of fresh food and homemade products however I soon discovered it has much more café style ready-to-eat stuff on offer.

I scurried over to Olive and Edith and laid down some keesh for a bagel with bacon, feta and avo as well as a freshly squeezed ohh-jay. I wouldn’t say I’m a bagel connoisseur but I thought this one was solid. Plus they followed my request for crispy bacon which means they are entitled to my first born. Is there anything better than crispy bacon? IS THERE?!


The orange juice was fresh and sweet however the pulp levels were completely off the scale. I like a bit o’ pulp as much as the next guy but it’s not much fun having to use your teeth as a pulp strainer.

The boyf, who’s officially addicted to any kind of baked egg, ordered Shuk Shuka – organic free range eggs baked in a wood fire oven in a thick spicy eggplant, capsicum, chilli, tomato and coriander gravy with toasted ciabatta.


When I spotted a Belgium chocolate stall called Chocolique I was all over it like a chubby late 20’s woman with a chocolate addiction. Okay not so much ‘like’ as that is exactly what I am. As I chatted with the lovely lass at the stall whilst gobbling down some of the samples I was all like “no intention to buy sucker! Thanks for the free treats! ” however this quickly changed to ‘shut up and take my money!’ after I tasted that rich and smooth chocolate heaven.


Sundays doesn’t need much more than this really…except sun.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

Olive & Edith Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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