Fawn Cafe, 269 Gilles St, ADELAIDE.


I fear the day when Adelaidians wake up and realise there are officially more cafes than residents and a law is passed that everyone must brunch alone in order to ensure each café gets at least one patron. Until this bizarre reality exists however, my friends are I are going to continue to explore a new brunch spot most weekends and report back to you lovely people.

Last weekend the new noshery of choice was Fawn Café located on Gilles Street, down the Hutt Street end. Fawn’s interior is a modern, minimalist style with a mostly neutral colour palette. I really enjoyed the slight industrial accent from the metal furnishings and white corrugated iron wall and I really enjoyed the sun shining through the sizeable windows. Everything about this place whispers *yes we have style, but lets focus on the food*. So lets do just that.


When perusing the part wall/part paper menu I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of cool drinks available for us non-caffeiners. There was freshly squeezed ohh-jay, home-made lemonade, sparkling elderflower and a few others to choose. The sparkling elderflower was a total delight and the home-made lemonade (not pictured here) was tart and refreshing, none of that super sweet, great for kids, muck.


The breaky menu is short, sharp and shiny which I’m into, especially when going there with my menu-dwelling boyfriend who usually enables me to complete a full check of all my social media accounts before he makes a final food decision. The flip side of a succinct menu of course is the higher chance of a meal not calling out to you and without a classic ‘eggs-as-you-like’ on the menu this may be a high risk.


For me, when I saw “eggy crumpets with bacon and maple syrup” it was singing to me so loudly the sound waves almost smashed our water glasses. Suffice to say, my meal selection was made pretty quickly. Any meal that includes a crumpet is a ‘must order’ for me. Add in the combination of bacon and maple syrup and you have yourself an absolute doozy! This one is essentially a mix up of the traditional French toast and it. was. everything.IMG_4158Another highly enjoyable bite was the breakfast special of toast with cream cheese, avocado, peas and mint. I really loved this interpretation of the classic ‘avo toast’ with the addition of cream cheese and using the avocado mixture as more of a thick spread as opposed to the usual ‘pile-it-up’ technique. I also really dug the slightest hint of bitterness from the nigella seeds.


All in all, this place was a solid win from me. Plus it appears to be flying a little under the radar currently which means no bullshit breakfast hustle. *sigh of relief*

So where should I be breakfasting next?

Until next time…That’s what she said.

Fawn Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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