7 best things to do when you hire a car in Oahu


So the holiday has unfortunately come to an end and by golly it was a goodie! On the long haul flight home we indulged in the standard holiday debrief naming our highlights (where to begin!) and lowlights (crappy tourist trap luau, I’m looking at you). We both agreed that one of the trip stand outs had to be the 4 days we spent driving around the island. Hiring a car ain’t cheap but it sure is worth it, opening up a plethora of fun places to go and things to see. Here are the best things we did whilst road trippin’.

Stoping by the Dole Plantation – The Dole Plantation aka pineapple palace is one of the tourist spots well worth a visit. Originally opened as a fruit stand in 1950, Dole Plantation has transformed into a tourist mecca with a huge shop filled with everything pineapple. I’m talking pineapple stuffed toys, pineapple fairy floss, pineapple sunglasses, pineapple chewy lollies etc, etc. Overpriced presents for family and friends aside please make sure you head to the cafeteria and order yourself some Dole Whip, a sweet and tart pineapple soft serve that you will never forget!

Watching the waves at Sunset Beach – Sunset beach is located on the North Shore of Oahu and is world famous for its humongous waves, particularly in the winter. Regardless of the time of year it’s a great spot to sit on the sand and wonder at the power of mother nature and the ballsy-ness of the surfers riding those monsters.

Snorkelling at Turtle Bay – Turtle Bay, also located close to the North Shore, is a seriously good snorkelling spot. Just park your car in the nearby car park, mosey on down to the sand and boom you’ll be swimming with the fishes in 5 minutes flat (in the fun way, not the dead way). Love a good snorkel!


Heading to Haleiwa Town – A historical town dating back to the 1900’s, Haleiwa Town is as pretty as an untouched eye shadow palette. Cute little tourist shops and food spots line the main street all with quaint wooden signage according to town regulations. Such a beautiful place to stop and smell the shave ice. Speaking of shave ice, Matsumoto is a must.

Taking a tour at Kualoa RanchKauloa Ranch has one of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever had the chance to explore.  We had a bloody terrific time on their ‘Hollywood Movie Sites & Ranch Tour’ which included  spots made famous by Hollywood films like Jurassic Park (he’s gonna eat the goat?!) The ranch is a working cattle ranch and farm and I found it super interesting to hear all about how it is run and its unique flora and fauna.


Ingesting your own weight in garlic prawns – The North Shore is famous for its shrimp trucks and man-oh-man their reputation is well deserved. I absolutely inhaled a serving of sumptuous garlic prawns that I will be dreaming about for years. Served with a simple steamed rice this plate was total perfection.


Staying in an Air BnB – Due to the large number of tourists traipsing around the island, Air BnB’s are plentiful and high quality. We stayed at a little apartment just a block away from the beach and it was so lovely to settle into our own place for a while and kick back. Paired with a rental car this is an awesome way to explore the island.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with any travel questions!

Until next time… Aloha!

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