A food tour in Hawaii -The perfect way to start a food filled holiday.


I really enjoy hitting up some kind of tour when I first arrive in a new place. It’s a great way to work out the lay of the land whilst also getting a quick burst of info.

Usually I’ll opt for a walking tour but when I came across a food tour in Honolulu which looked pretty darn great I was like, ummmmmm YAH!

Hawaii Food Tours swung past our hotel just after 9 am and so commenced a super enjoyable day filled with interesting facts and even more interesting food.

The first stop was Royal Kitchen, an unremarkable looking eatery serving up some extra remarkable grub. We tried their manapua, the lightest and tastiest bun you will ever have the joy of tasting, stuffed with your choice of filling. I went with the Kahlua pig filling which was juicy and tender slow cooked pork. We polished these off in about 20 seconds flat. If the manapua was anything to go by we were in for a reeealllyy tasty day!


Another ‘foodlight’ was found at a well-loved bakery by the name of Liliha Bakery. Liliha’s specialty are cocopuffs, choux crème puffs filled with chocolate cream and topped with a Chantilly icing that will make your jaw drop. My golly these had to be amongst some of the best pastries I have ever chowed down. Just look at ’em!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Chinatown was one of the main features of the tour, providing the opportunity to try some on the fresh local food like apple bananas, li hing mui powder and spam musubi. Man, they love their spam over here.


We were also lucky enough to get a sneak peak of rice noodles being made from scratch and ladies gathered around threading lei’s which was a real treat!


This tour gets an A + from me and do the the lovely tour guides Carl and Krystal who were as knowledgable as they were enthusiastic.

And on goes our Hawaii getaway!

Until next time… Aloha!

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