7 Things I Never Thought I’d Say But I’m Kinda Glad I Have.

Last Thursday night I dragged my tired self ‘round to the boyfie’s place at about ten. As I waited for a break in traffic I thought “People! It’s a bloody school night, get yo’selves to bed already!”

After doing some quick arithmetic I realised that 5 years ago I would have likely been one of those people in a cab, heading into town for some 2-for-1’s and a bit of sweet d-floor action. My oh my, how things have changed and I’ve gotta say… I’m kinda into it.

Sure, slugging back cheap vodkas every Thursday night provided plenty o’ fun but things change and right now, the only place I want to be at 10 O’Clock mid-week is in bed, with ma love, smashing a top-notch documentary. #louistheroux4lyfe

So in honour of this bitter-sweet Thursday night revelation, here are 7 things I never thought I’d say but I’m kinda glad I have.

1. Wanna go to the movies Saturday night?

I like to get out and about as much as the next late-twenties gal but lately I have been partaking in a more ‘chill’ Saturday night itinerary. We hit the flicks earlier this month with a few games of air hockey at Intencity thrown in for good measure. It was a total blast. In bed by 11 thirts on a Saturday night never felt so damn good!

2. That recipe was ahhhh-maze.

One of my aims for this year was to start cooking more –  and healthier!  With the help of Jamie O and his spectacular new cookbook Everyday Superfoods I am smashing it! I’ve cooked a shed-load of recipes so far and it’s just so satisfying when you find one you particularly enjoy. New Years resolution win!

3. I’l have the Clare Valley Riesling please.

Back in my younger years Passion Pop or a classy box of Fruity Lexia were the extent of my wine knowledge. After a handful of years working in hospitality and discovering my love for a good drop I’ve learnt a fair bit about vino varieties. Currently, Riesling and I are having a moment.

4. I want to go on a cruise.

I always thought cruise holidays were for retirees or families with young kids but lately I’ve had a few friends who have cruised the open seas and it sounds like an amazing way to holiday. Who doesn’t like an all-inclusive package? The food is dynamite and you can hang out on the boat doing everything or nothing. Choose your own (holiday) adventure!

5. Man, I love my plant.

Recently I purchased a plant. I’m not talking about the cactus kind which are virtually impossible to kill. I say virtually, as I am a remorseful cacti murderer.  I’m talking about a Monstera Deliciosa, an indoor plant that I actually water once a week! My plant child is almost six months old now and I can happily report that it is thriving. Inside greenery is where it’s at and it really brings me a surprising amount of joy!

6. Sorry, I’m busy.

When someone texts me to make plans or sends through a facey invite to their birthday/going away/house-warming/straight-outta-lock-up party, I’m the kind of gal who appreciates the invite and wants to come along. Over the last few years however, I’ve started to learn the art of not overcommitting. If you spread yourself too thin then you’re not giving your best self to anyone so sometimes I take the Berger approach “I’m Sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me – ”

7. Documentaries are GOD.

Over the last 5 or so years I have become documentary obsessed. You name it, I’ve watched it. And if I haven’t? I will now so thank you for the recommendaish! I know this might not sound super cool but being entertained while you’re learning something is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Not a big doco fan? Get started on Blackfish, Foxcatcher or anything by Louis Theroux. Trust me. You’ll be hooked!

So there is my lil’ list of things I never thought I’d say but I’m kinda glad I have! Now please excuse me while I head to bed early to watch a documentary and dream of heading off on a luxurious cruise.

Until next time…That’s what she said.


This post is sponsored by Cruise Agency however my views are always my own. 

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  1. You’ve literally summed up my life in a post- love it. And how good are indoor plants- sad to say I am still at the killing succulents stage but I’m slowly getting there! Great post x


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