Poolside Paperbacks

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Guess what?! I’m going to Hawaii in 2 weeks! EEEKKKKK!!! We booked this trip yonks ago and I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s almost here! Annual leave, we meet again and daaayyymmn giiiirl, you lookin’ fine.

One of my favourite parts of the pre-holiday-excitement-build-up is the purchase of a coupla sweet holiday reads to devour whilst laxin’ by the pool. Here’s a quick peek at the books I’ll be packing in the ol’ suitcase.

Brothel: Mustang Ranch and its Women by Alexa Albert – I just finished marathoning Gigolos and The Girlfriend Experience on Stan and my boyfriend’s starting to think I have some kind of fascination with prostitution. He’s not all that wrong. This book is a recount of the time a Harvard medical student spent at Mustang Ranch Brothel in Nevada. She was there conducting a public health study and was able to observed the workings of the brothel and hear stories told by the women working there. I predict I’ll be finding this one pretty fascinating!

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini – This is a teen angst kind o’ book with the added darkness of depression and suicide themes. I started this one a few days ago (I couldn’t wait!) and I haven’t really ‘gotten into it yet’. I have however learnt that the author, Ned Vizzini suffered with depression for a long time and eventually committed suicide so I can imagine this novel offers a deep insight into the disease.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty – Apparently if you’re into ‘Gone Girl or ‘Girl on the Train’ then you are going to be into this book. I was so far into those reads I was almost out of them so I have an inkling I am going to looooove this story. Expectation are high!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – Who doesn’t enjoy some cutesy teen love for a light holiday read? I’ve heard a boatload of booktubers recommend this young adult novel so I’m sure it’s going to be a good time. I may have to turn it into a poolside drinking game where every time I read the word “crush” I have to order a Mai Tai.

The Martian by Andy Wier – I enjoy watching any film starring hunk-a-spunk Matt Damon but I have deliberately avoided watching this one because I thought the book would be a good’un. I’m a strict lit-before-flick chick so I hope the wait will be worth it!

I caaaaaan’t wait for the holiday to commence! I predict I’ll be diving into one of these reads as soon as the captain turns on the seatbelt sign.

I’ll surely be picking up a few more at the airport as well, so feel free to send over some recommendations.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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