Mister Sunshine’s, 32 George St, Thebarton.


Like an extra chicken mcnugget in your 6 pack, getting an extra day on the weekend really is total bliss. With a friend home from interstate, a catchup brunch with the girls was a must. We found ourselves rolling into Mister Sunshine’s because it’d been on my breakfast hit-list for quite some time and I don’t care where anyone else wants to go. I’d say “just kidding” but we all know I’m not. #sorrynotsorry

Mister Sunshine’s is an unmistakably hipster caf hidden in the backstreets of Thebarton. I say ‘unmistakably’ due to the very friendly, very hipster staff and the fact their Facebook page has an artistic slow motion film of them serving food and such with a Simon & Garfunkel song in the background. Check it out!

The interior of this busy eatery is an eclectic, vintage style which successfully conjures a casual and relaxed vibe. The place is fairly small inside however they’ve set up a generous number of tables and chairs out the front to allow for the maximum number of munching customers.


Mister Sunshine presented the usual suspects in the menu line-up. I’m talking fruit loaf, eggs as you like, smashed av and muesli however they also had a few unusual items to keep the crowd excited including a haloumi and roast tomato sanga and a Moroccan spiced chickpea plate.


Most of the girls opted for the eggs on toast with more sides than a dodecagon. I was no different with an order of poached eggs on toast with a side of smashed av, haloumi and bacon. Yes, I was rather peckish.


This hefty meal did not disappoint. The ciabatta was crusty and fresh, the poached eggs were gooey perfection and the smashed avocado was beautifully seasoned with a nice zing of lime. The hunk o’ haloumi was so generous I actually shared it, which is unusually an activity I do not choose to partake in.

Once the last morsel was chewed and the final drop was drunk, we asked the waitress where we should pay and whether it was okay to pay separately. The waitress said she would have to check as they usually don’t do that on the weekends.

Whilst the waitress asked her superior, we took the opportunity to discuss the utter bullshittery of any place not allowing you to pay separately. I mean come on, you have time to provide solid service and cook our meal, you should have time to collect our payment in the way in which we choose. Am I right? Luckily my stance on the ‘right to pay separately’ was not challenged and we were told they would allow it.

Although the place was hectic and the wait  for a table was fairly lengthy, I have to lay down some respect for the way this egg engine was cranking. With seats to sit and wait, attentive staff taking your name and an offer of a menu to peruse or coffee to sip they operated impressively well under pressure.

So there you have it. With all things considered I would give this joint a confident “would recommend”.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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