Wang-derful Restaurant, 4/25 Field Street, ADELAIDE.


God I love a laaayyyzaaayyy Sunday lunch and last weekend was an absolute beaut!

A few years ago I did a bit o’ travel in China. There, I discovered the little morsels of heaven know as soup dumplings. For those of you who are unfamiliar, these classic dumplings are handmade steamed pork dumplings with a tasty, tasty broth lurking inside ready to scold your unsuspecting mouth at any momemt. BE WARNED: they are as dangerous as they are delicious.

Throughout my trip I was popping these bad boys like pills at a festival, but when I arrived back in Rad-town I had no choice but to go cold turkey, as I couldn’t find them anywhere. Until now…

A part of the new(ish) strip of eateries in Field Street (just off Gouger Street) Wang-derful Restaurant has finally ended my search. Once I spotted a photo of my long lost delectable loves on Insta, we headed there immediately to sit in the sun and fill our ever-expanding tummies with a boatload of steamed pork juicy dumplings. It was a blissful affair.

Wang-derful Restaurant has a simple Asian eatery style interior similar to a bunch of the restaurants in the Gouger Street area. It’ll do pig, it’ll do.

We sat outside and lapped up the good weather. The atmosphere on the street was a total pleasure just slightly removed from the hectic vibe of Gouger Street.


We ordered a coupla’ cans of Coke Zero to kick us off because food just tastes better with it. I asked the waitress if they could serve it in a giant syringe to enable me to inject it directly into my veins but alas, they only serve it in the glass. I took 2 points off for that.

First up we delved into the steamed pork dumplings I had been dreaming of for oh…so….long. I’m pleased to say, they were just as I remembered.


The dumplings had a fresh skin which was slightly chewy yet easily pierced, tasty pork meat and the broth, dear lord, the broth. With a strong depth of flavour and a delightfully silky consistency conjured by the tasty pork fat juices, this broth was amaze. If this stuff was bottled and sold as a meaty morning juice, I would buy it…in bulk.

It was almost as if my edible friends were calling out to me “Welcome back to Shanghai – We’ve missed you!” Oh I’ve missed you too little guys.


Although two serves of these beauties would have done us just fine, we decided that we should order another type of dumplings too, you know, for variety.

The Pan Fried Crab Meat & Pork Juicy Buns came out next and although I was already stuffed I managed to nosh down a few, for the sake of research of course! These ones were also delightful with a thicker dough on the outside and the crispy pan-fried surface on the bottom. We rated these highly however nothing could have knocked the steamed pork from their first place posish.


As I am writing this post my mouth is watering and I’m wondering when I can get my next fix. That, my friends, tells you just how good they are.

And that’s about all I have to say on this memorable dining experience. Feel free to send through your congratulations for resisting the wangtacular el-oh-el opportunity presented by this eateries name. Damn, I was so close.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

Wang-derful Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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